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1st-Jan-2020 08:19 pm - Me and my fanworks
Sam & Dean
Welcome to my journal, my humble on-line abode.

I'm here because I am a HUGE Supernatural fan. I mostly make fan vids, but I occasionally post meta and picspams also. I write episode reactions/reviews because I love chatting about my show.

Most of my posts are public. I do occasionally lock posts if they are of a personal nature. If we are mutual friends and you want to be on my personal filter please let me know.

If you are here for my fan works, this is what I've made:

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Graphics by the lovely milly_gal
15th-Oct-2016 07:22 pm - 12.01 review/reaction
A mother's love
Dear Supernatural,

Welcome back!! You knocked it out of the park! \o/

Lots of Love

I think I can safely say that is my fave season opener after 2.01 (In My Time of Dying). I know 4.01 (Lazarus Rising) is pretty damn awesome too, but as it was the beginning of a season of secrecy between Sam and Dean I think I'd put that slightly behind this one.

This episode had a lot to achieve in a very short time. I'm happy to say that it not only achieved everything it had to, but it achieved it all so damn well. It was wonderfully paced and deftly crafted. There was an underlying sense of urgency and yet it never felt rushed. It even managed to get in some humour. I am so proud of my show!!

Nice to be able to squee againCollapse )
24th-Sep-2016 11:40 pm - New vid! "Just a Little Bit More"
Gag reel editor
Title: Just a Little Bit More
Vidder: ash48
Music by: LibertyX
Length: 2.57m
Summary: "Everything about you is so sexy" - aka S11 Gag Reel (with snippets of past gag reels)

Watch: You Tube
Download: 4Shared

For the lovely milly_gal. She put this song out there a while back and it struck me as something that could work for our lovely cast. Thanks hun!

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27th-Aug-2016 09:01 pm - Pimp: Vid Survey
Hey fellow vidders (you know who you are!), if you have a couple of minutes kimberlyfdr's would love you to fill out her vidding survey. It's pretty quick and easy to do. She's half way through her needed sample size so needs a few more peeps to fill it out. Help out a fellow fan if you can. :)

More information about it all here.
4th-Aug-2016 05:25 pm - Discussion rec
Batcave Legs up
It's lovely to see discussion still happening on LJ. dugindeep has posted a discussion on leaving feedback on fanworks and about fandom in general. Worth a read - some interesting thoughts have been shared.

Hope you are all well. I know I am guilty of not posting anything lately but I am enjoying my hiatus. The play is keeping me busy *g*. I'm looking forward to S12 now - I miss seeing my boys on the screen. <3
5th-Jul-2016 11:35 am - Stuff
Becc_j Art

Popping by to say I hoped I managed to thank everyone personally for their birthday messages. They meant a lot so here's an extra thank you! <33

I also want to give a shout out to the lovely mods at spn_littlebro. Especially to ayane42 for taking over the newsletter compiling while I'm on a hiatus. And to nahemaraxe for doing an amazing job with the littlebro tumblr.

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10th-Jun-2016 08:44 pm - fandom
Now &amp; Then
It appears I don't know how to be in fandom any more. It's discombobulating.
27th-May-2016 10:59 am - 11.23 reaction/review
Star gazing
It seems I am surprisingly chill about this episode (I know! Knock me over with a feather). In fact, I even have some nice things to say about it. :)

So the title was not referring to werewolf fanfic after allCollapse )
19th-May-2016 09:51 pm - 11.22 reaction
That&#39;s Just not right
Warning for negativity (though I'm probably more bewildered and sarcastic than anything else). I want to be squeeful. I do! I really really do! But.../o\

so, the joke is on us then?Collapse )
7th-May-2016 06:33 pm - Robbie's departure and more on 11.20
4th Wall OTP
I was actually sad to hear that Robbie Thompson is leaving the show. Even though I have major issues with the last episode he wrote (which actually make some sense now in light of the news) I have always enjoyed his episodes. I thought he brought some interesting ideas and characters into the Supernatural universe. He gave us some wonderful brother moments and always found ways of telling an interesting, inventive story. Sure, he liked to fan service and I have very mixed feelings about that, but I do think he genuinely liked the show.

On that note, I want/need to say more about the last episode. With that clarification I can (hopefully) articulate things a bit better. It's still negative so please be warned.

Also, thanks to those who chatted with me about the last episode (and don't feel you need to with this! I'm mostly writing this to help me ;D). I am always appreciative that people are happy to discuss an ep, even when my reaction is completely different to theirs. I do respect that we view episodes differently.

Oops, this got quite long.

11.20, fan servicing and why some stuff annoyed meCollapse )
5th-May-2016 11:07 pm - 11.20 reaction
That&#39;s Just not right
A very short, very negative reaction. Please be warned (I mean it. Not a happy camper - so, you know, don't click).

(*meep* and my comments are full of unmitigated bitterness too. So yeah. Don't read! You know the drill!)

at least there was ironingCollapse )
29th-Apr-2016 09:19 pm - 11.19 episode reaction/review
squeed, posted, I watched
This got a little long. I felt like I could write about this one forever *g*. Such a beautifully layered episode.

The Hunting Life - an exploration of loss, love and happy endings.Collapse )
17th-Apr-2016 09:08 pm - Request - help with a vid idea.
Dean &amp; vid camera
Hi guys. I'm starting this request on LJ and see how it goes. If I need to I'll branch out to twitter/tumblr etc but I thought I'd start here first.

I would like to gather some photos/footage of fans enjoying the company of other fans - so maybe fans hanging out at a con together, fans hugging each other, laughing smiling etc (being generally supportive etc). I only want photos with permission - as in your own personal pics that you would be happy to share (in a public vid). I appreciate that not many fans would want their pics in a vid, but if you didn't mind then I'd love to be able to use them (with the disclaimer that if I get a lot I won't be able to use them all ;D). I'd also love some pics/footage of fans reacting with the cast if anyone has that (like photo ops etc).

I have screened this entry if you would like to attach a pic or I can be contact by email at ash48@aapt.net.au or via a LJ private message. Please feel free to ask me questions if you'd like.

12th-Apr-2016 02:34 pm - Dare I ask the question?
Discussion / no weapons discharge
Dare I ask a question about Sam Winchester? (I think I do *g*)

So. Each time I see Sam described as "whiny and selfish" (which is rather often) it makes me think about actual moments in the show when he IS whiny and selfish. It makes me wonder what exactly Sam has done to deserve that description time and time again? Surely it must be a consistent characterisation to warrant that label.

Some of my own thoughts...Collapse )
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