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Me and my fanworks

Welcome to my journal, my humble on-line abode.

I'm here because I am a HUGE Supernatural fan. I mostly make fan vids, but I occasionally post meta and picspams also. I write episode reactions/reviews because I love chatting about my show.

Most of my posts are public. I do occasionally lock posts if they are of a personal nature. If we are mutual friends and you want to be on my personal filter please let me know.

If you are here for my fan works, this is what I've made:

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Graphics by the lovely milly_gal
Becc_j Art

I may have forgotten how to do this...

It seems appropriate to pop back after a long absence to write up a few thoughts about the final episode. :)

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On a personal note - I haven't been fannish for a while now, but I have extremely fond memories of the lovely times I've had. What a ride! I've met so many lovely people and learned some new skills to boot!

All because of a little show that could.

*love and hugs* to you all.
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Swinging by...

Hey. Sorry for lack of review for 13.06 (and now for 13.07). In all honesty, I don't have a lot positive to say so I figure it's not great to write stuff (though, of course, I can't help myself so here's a little bit of stuff).

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