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On Brotherhood and Sharing a drink.

I promised to be spammy while hubby's away. So here is it. Some meta and a (poorly constructed) picspam.

There was a line Dean said in the recent episode "Live Free or Twihard" that struck a note with me. I wanted to explore that a little.

"When's the last time we had a beer together anyway?"

That's the second time Dean's has said something like that. The last time was in Swap Meat when he and Not!Sam were sharing a drink together

"Is it just me or are we actually drinking together?" (It's interesting that the same sentiment is uttered to "alien" Sams).

I started thinking about all the times the boys did share a beer or a drink together and how, in many ways, it signified the state of their relationship.

Early on we often had scenes in bars where they were casually researching their next job:

Drinking picspam
(The Benders)

The boys are comfortable; sharing a beer and intel.

Drinking picspam

Sam: "So what are we this week Dean? Rock stars? Army Rangers?"

I love this smile from Sam. Dean's flirting with the girls at the bar and Sam is full of admiration and a sense of the familiar.

Drinking picspam

The "sharing a drink" became more important as the seasons progressed. There was a lot less drinking in bars and more either in hotels or by the roadside. They were moments of sharing inner thoughts and secrets. And significantly - 2 major reveals.

Drinking picspam

Dean: "He said that I might have to kill you Sammy"

drinking meta
(Heaven and Hell)

Dean: "...for thirty years. But I couldn't do it any more Sammy."

And then there's the comfort drink. Usually post hunt:

Drinking picspam
(Long Distant Call)

Sam: "I'm sorry it wasn't dad"
Dean: "I wanted to believe so badly there was a way out of this."

(Fresh Blood)

Dean: "And besides, it's my job right? Show my little brother the ropes."

Drinking picspam
(Houses of the Holy)

Sam: "I dunno Dean.... I wanted to believe so badly... I..."

(God this scene KILLS me in hindsight. Especially Dean's "I'm watching out for you" and Sam's "maybe I could be saved..." GUH

That's possibly one of my all time favourite scenes. Well, second to this one of course:

Drinking picspam
(A Very Supernatural Christmas)

Dean: "Merry Christmas Bro."

And the last time they really did share a beer was to say good-bye to each other:

(Swan Song)

Dean: 'The truth is, watching out for you, it's kinda been my job, you know..?" (whaaaa)

No wonder Dean misses it. Some much was shared. Whether it be comfortable research or heart felt confessions the boys were together. He missed it in Season 5 when the brothers seemed to be taking one step forward and 3 steps back and now in season 6, when they haven't really connected at all. *sniff*

The drinking they do in the show is significant. Not just something to "do" with their hands. Both boys have used it as an escape after loosing each other. Burying the pain. But they have also used it has a way of bonding and sharing.

My hope is that we will be able to see them share a drink together again. A real drink. A celebratory drink. A drink to that will signal that they are on some sort of road back to brotherhood.

Drinking picspam
(After School Special)


please excuse the poor quality of this picspam. The pics were more to emphasis a point rather than any claim I have that I can actually do these..*g*)
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