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6.12 Episode reaction

God it's nice to be typing that as a title again... \o/

Dear Show,

Thank you. I love you.

Yours forever

I cannot remember the last time I came off an episode so GLEEFUL! You know, that feeling of BURSTING with love and excitement.

I am going to confess that I actually had a tear when Sam walked into the room for the first time. Just to see his Sammy eyes. His beautiful soulful eyes. I just. I had a moment. I did. *sniff* WELCOME BACK SAM! GOD HOW I MISSED YOU!

I feel like can wallow in my Show again. I LOVED AND ADORED EVERY MOMENT the boys were together. Just to see Sam being Sam and Dean being SO thrilled to have him back. I felt this massive weight lifted...

It feels good.


* I really liked how they handled Bobby. It made sense to me that he would be cagey around Sam. I have no doubt Bobby will move past it, but by having Bobby like this acknowledges that Robo!Sam hurt people. Dean has already forgiven him and moved on. Bobby will, but it almost paid homage to soulless!Sam to have him not forgiving straight away. Soulless!Sam had an impact. I would have liked them to have a small conversation to clear the air, but that might come in the future. I'm cool with that. And after seeing Weekend at Bobby's we know that he has to put up with a lot from these two.

* Dean. Oh Dean. You were the embodiment of JOY! Just to see the smile again, the relaxed attitude, the cockiness - even the antics with sword. It just felt so comfortable. He felt comfortable. Even though there are new threats and he was holding a big secret from Sam it felt like nothing, NOTHING mattered more than having Sam back. Even the tiniest thing like bringing Sam back food, or letting Sam question the witness made him GLEEFUL. How awesome was that look he gave to see Sam CARE again. *LOVED*

* Sam. I've said it a gazzillion times but my hat goes off to Jared! It showed how well he nailed soulless!Sam because as soon as we saw Soulful Sam he was immediately recognisable as NOT being how he was before. Everything about him was warm and... and.... SAM! And the look on his face when he was told about his missing soul... OH. MY. GOD. That! That face is what I have missed...SAAAAMMMMMYYYY!!! And how awesome was Jared?! The huge RANGE of emotion crossing his face at that time (yes.. I have watched that little scene about 6 times now...!!) it to DIE for. That will HAVE to be vidded one day.. *g*

I also loved that after Sam found out about his soulless time he wasn't full of angsty guilt. He felt bad and he wants to fix it (I'm not sure how though...???) but the conversation at the end between the two boys was..idk... grown up or something. Sam had a calmness about him that I liked. He doesn't seem filled with anger has he has been. (yay!)

* Cas. I LOVE that Cas immediately came when Sam called and how genuinely happy he was to see Sam well. That almost!hug was hilarious. Cas really is attached to these two isn't he? I am continuing to love what they are doing with Cas this season. He's around *just* enough and feels like he's there for both boys. *hearts* him.

*I'm so glad they resolved Sam not knowing about what happened to him in this episode. I thought they might drag that out - and I love that Sam had to be clever to find out the truth. Might not have been fair that Cas was duped - but it showed Sam thinking. I like it when we see the boys thinking. :)

*Further development of the Monsters story arc. \o/ Plus a new mytharc to play around in. I mean... come on! Dragons and swords and STUFF! *woot*

* I worried about the "helpless" female victim story line initially, but sometimes show plays with cliches and when it's tied into everything else that went on in this episode it made some sense. (Though why did they need so many I wonder ??). Looks like we have a new female character also. It will be very interesting to see where this goes.

Also: HUG!!!! Hee! I thought Jared was gonna squash Jensen and Jim... God that man is huge! Did you SEE is forearms?!?! Holy Hell!! <3333 Jared in a white shirt! *swoon* Sam HAVING DEAN'S BACK AGAIN!! Did ya see him slay the monster attacking Dean... *be still my heart* \o/

But more than anything that the PAY OFF was worth everything we've been through up until now. I won't deny the first 11 episodes were hard for me to watch sometimes. It just plain HURT that we weren't watching the boys being....well... them. Now that I can look back (with a huge sigh of relief) I can really appreciate that it was an interesting and a worthwhile direction to take (back I'm glad it's over...)

Welcome back Show. I'm hoping I will not need my "Relax and Enjoy the Ride" icon any more. With Sam back I CAN relax and simply enjoy the ride (until the next heartbreak they throw at us that is.. *g*) :D :D :D::D

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