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curled around these images
just enough to make us dangerous
*waves* Coupla things.. 
9th-Feb-2011 07:02 pm
Jared SMiles
Can anyone link me to a straightforward tutorial on making .gifs? I'd really like to give them a go and my attempts so far have been pretty abysmal.

Also... a

Dean came back from hell "rehymenated." (Monster Movie) Does that mean Sam did too? *g*. The title "Like a Virgin" didn't just refer to the virgins in the show did they? In fact... I thought the title referred to Sam "slate wiped clean" anyway. Or is this kinda obvious... I am slow on the uptake as you'll know by now...

I clearly do not have enough to think about at the moment. Though actually I have a ton of things I should be thinking about. Like my lessons tomorrow... and my next vid...and making an inspiration post at sceneit. But pondering Sam's virginity is a much better way of spending the evening.

ETA: And now with pictures! courtesy of missyjack :D :D

And um now I'm thinking I need a fic with ::koff:: Dean checking if Sam...is... you know... ;)
10th-Feb-2011 01:43 am (UTC)
Good questions. I would probably think since Sam was pulled out by an angel of death, he would be rehymanated. But maybe the 'slate wiped clean' is the big hint that Sam came back a virgin. However, from the promo for next week's episode, he'll probably lose it real quick ;)
10th-Feb-2011 08:44 am (UTC)
Ah yes... an "angel of death" so he could be rehymenated. Though death didn't pull his body out, only his soul, so maybe his body isn't "healed" the same way Dean's was? Ack! Who knows... I don't think they will be making an issue of it. But we'll see..

I haven't seen next week's promo. I'm trying to stay spoiler free this year. I kinda wish I wasn't though because I love knowing what's coming up, but I've found that not knowing anything makes watching the episode more enjoyable. Though, now that you've said that, I would hope that if Sam is going to get it on with someone I truly hope it exists has a comparison to soulless!Sam...:) It would be nice to see the more considerate side to Sam again. :)

Can't wait! Not long now. I feel spoiled having a new episode again so soon.
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