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Vid recs..

Yay! New episode soon! \o/

In the meantime.. I've been watching a few vids (trying to get my vidding fu back...needing some inspiration to get back into it..). I just saw a vid that makes me think I should close down my editing program forever. Holy crap.... I mean. I look at vids like this and think.. How the hell did they do that? and why can't I, damnit!"(Loki's vids have that effect on me too...*g*) I'm talking purely technicalities here - editing, effects and colouring etc.

This is a song that's been on my vidding list for ages but there's no way I could have done anything like this (but I'm thrilled such a awesome vid has been made to this song...)

Needless to say I think it's amazing:

& nothing by Smokeyfiiz.

I know the other source has been used before but I love the way it's integrated into the SPN footage. I also love how SPN footage we've seen over and over looks so different. *guh*

I also enjoyed this. Just a good old celebration of the boys being back together. But what I particularly like is the acknowledgement of where they've been and the song fits perfectly.

Set Me Free by TheHorizon26.

Though... why do I have this dread that in tonight's ep they'll say.. "Tricked ya! Sam's not really back!...hahaha" (they won't, I know... but I can't help but be paranoid. I am completely unspoiled for tonight's ep. Wow - I don't think I even know the title...*g*)

Enjoy. I'll catch ya on the flip side. :)

I am SO SO SO excited for the anime of Supernatural. I've just been watching the first ep and it looks amazing. (Is it possible to fall in love with an animation?! Forget that... I think I just have. Sammmmmmyyy......<3333) The animation has captured the show's look and feel perfectly. The action is fabulous. I can't wait for the subbed and/or dubbed version to be available.

In the meantime take a look at this lovely vid ashdoode put together. It really shows how well the anime has captured out Show.

In My Veins

My new TV boyfriend... (well, same boyfriend I suppose... new version..) He's kick ass and adorable...

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