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insta reaction 6.13

OH. MY. EFFING. GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fuck YES!!!!

Flashbacks! Sammy remembering! One Year Earlier! Samuel! Soulless!Sam / Soulful!Sam in ONE EP. SAMMY!!! Dean! OMG! Dean... I ADORE YOU!! Protective!Dean FTW \o/ Sam in a (prison cell) CAGE!, The mystery! The MoTW!!!, THE JOHN WALL OF EVIDENCE!!! "Don't be a bitch"!! BOOOOOOOOYYYYYYYYYYYSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! It's fanfic COME TO LIFE! Flashback editing!! Narrative structure !! (ending with where it began.. LOVED that!) Puppy Eyes of Doom!! The Epic Romance of Sam and Dean in its full glory!!! THE FINAL SCENE.... .ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

*breathe woman*

I can't. even. We had a Sam episode! \o/ I can't tell you HOW HAPPY THAT MAKES ME!! Oh Sammy - the things you did. I figure this is scraping the surface of what he's done.... oh god.

I really didn't expect him to be glimpsing Hell so soon. Really - I thought that might have been left a few episode but they are cutting to the chase!! (please, please, please PLESE don't let demonic!Sam emerge if the wall comes grumbling down. I just won't cope AT ALL!! I'm just getting all cosy again with soulful Sam. We've done cold bastard Sam.. let that be enough *water filled dewy eyes* . Flashbacks are cool though..)

Possibly more coherent thoughts later. But for now... *TWIRLS YOU ALL*
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