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Question, vid rec and um...a valentine's gif...

Oh wise flist. Please tell me I didn't imagine this. I am sure I read somewhere that Show had originally planned for Dean to return soulless, but it didn't pan out so they resurrected the idea for Sam in Season 6. Did I dream that? If not... a link to the source would be awesome. :)

Vid Rec:

Ok. So. It kinda bamboozles me that el1ie's vids don't get more notice. She's an extremely classy vidder who creates vids with such heart. She often takes a different angle on the footage Show gives us and creates wonderfully original vids.

Her new vid Only Me is just that. And very different take on Cas. Stalker!Cas to be precise. It's creepy little sexy if you ask me..*g* It's fascinating to see the footage we get from the show used in this way. I can believe Cas is a stalker. But there's a whole story going on here too. With Sam out of the way Dean belongs to Cas.... Oh Dean! :(( I love it!

And it is Valentine's day..


gif by netlynn &hearts
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