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I know I shouldn't post about this..

but *shrugs* ... I'm trying to make some sense of this, so yeah...blogging against my better judgement.

I got caught up reading a post the other night that revolved around peeps expressing their disappointment in Season 6. It kinda saddened me because the main reason came down to not liking where their favourite character's story line was going. It seems to be that fans invested in Dean's story line aren't happy with his story arc and fans invested in Sam's are the same.

From what I understand, Dean invested fans are worried that his story is only ever reactionary to Sam and Sam invested fans are worried that Sam is only a plot devise and we won't get to see his emotional response to what's happened to him. (and yes I know there's a lot more to it than that, but I'm trying to summarise it here...). And I get that... I really, really do. I would say that there's definitely some truth in that.

I think what I don't fully get is when being that passionate for one brother's story over the other one can lose sight of how each of their stories involve and revolve around the other.

I started to reflect on where I stood and I realised that I've never really been invested in one story over the other. I often claim to be a "sam girl", but I think that mostly boils down to what I like to read. When I'm watching the show I am interested in both of their stories. Equally. In fact, if anything I am mostly invested in them. I live (and watch) to see them being together. It's why I signed up in the first place. The fact that Show keeps tearing them apart is probably what keeps me watching because I want to see them resolve their problems so that can work cohesively together again.

To hear people say that to see Dean look out for Sam means Dean's story is lessened, confuses me. Equally, for Sam to need Dean and to be rescued by him lessens Sam's story. I just. Idk. I see this as part of their dynamic. Part of their brotherly bond. Often their individual stories explore ways for them to break their traditional roles of Big Brother / Little Brother. Sam having to prove himself, Dean trying to find himself outside of the role of care taker.

It's complicated, I know. And damn messy. But if it was straight forward then I don't think the show would be as interesting - or have as many fans invested. The boys are flawed, which is what makes them such interesting characters. But it seems that their flaws are often the cause of some of the character hate (particularly for Sam) that gets flung around.

And I totally get that some people are drawn to one character over the other. I also get that show screws up sometimes but to hear one character berated because they are "dominating" the story arc makes me incredibly sad. As far as I can see both boys have strong individual stories AND play a huge part in each others' story.

/removes soap box. *sheesh* anyone would think that this was important.. hee...

And no... I haven't written this to start Dean v Sam arguments. AT ALL!

Instead - a poll (out of curiosity)

Poll #1706039 Season Six

I think Season Six

Is awesome! I'm loving it. Can't wait for the next episode.
Is pretty good. I still look forward to watching it.
Is ok. Though I don't mind if I miss and ep or two.
Is disappointing. I hardly watch it now.
Is awful. I'm done with it completely.
Supernatural is in its sixth season??
Something else, I'll mention in a comment.
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