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6.14 reaction and review

Have I mention how much I love my show lately? I'm pretty sure I have. *G* It's episodes like that that remind me why I love it so much.... \o/\o/

That was damn satisfying and downright entertaining if you ask me. Dare I say "old school" Supernatural? That's the vibe I was getting... And not the "right back to where we started" vide, but that familiar "putting on a comfy pair of slippers" vibe. Loved it to pieces.

Let's do this!

1. This SCENE!!! I watched it 3 times in a row before I even watched the ep. yes, I really did. I live for these types of scenes....

JOY! I mean COME ON! Dean clinging to Sam, HIS HAND ON HIS HEAD, desperation, fear, angst, UNCONSCIOUS Sam.. oh boys... <33

2. They TALKED about what happened to Sam! \o/ But wow... a few minutes equals about a week for Sam? I wonder if that's because it's so horrible it feels like a week or he droped into Hell Time? Cage Time?? I also wonder how much he remembered? He seemed ok afterwards, other than a splitting headache, so maybe the experience of remembering didn't effect him that much or once he woke he forgot it..? Hmm.. So intrigued to see what they do with this wall...

3. The MoTW!

Holy crap! That was damn creepy. Mannequins are such freaky things and I'm thrilled they went there. (And friggin hilarious... I can't get over some of the film references this show happily digs up.) Initially, I couldn't see the why only dummies were being animated but after seeing that (very sad) scene of that gal being set up it fell into place. Though I find it somewhat amusing that any sort of accidental death seems to involve falling over and hitting one's head on a table. Coffee tables should be banned from living rooms. Just saying.

Then we had Dean's baby animated. um, the Impala's Dean's doll...?! Cute.

4. BE MY VALENTINE!! Really?!?! I just... Say yes Sammy... you know you want to. :D That aside - ADORE that the banter is back! Eye rolling Sam is back! As is niggling his little brother!Dean is back!! JOY!!

5. Sam told Dean to take Lisa's call. I love the comparison to Robo!Sam saying he doesn't care about them. Thank you Sam.

ETA: And this.... (thanks rhymephile for the reminder):

*swoon* Touching is always nice.. but take care big!bro touching is even nicer..

6. LISA AND BEN! I'm surprised they went back to Lisa and Ben so soon. I'm so glad they did. I think it would have been hanging over Dean (and Sam and our) head if they didn't. And I really loved the way they handled it.

The Lisa and Ben story line was always going to be difficult to resolve. I wouldn't say what we had tonight was it being "resolved" but it was at least it was addressed. And satisfactorily as far as I am concerned.

The thing is...Dean can't be with Lisa and Ben in the show. Unless the show changed DRAMATICALLY it's just not gonna happen, so they need to give good reasons for Dean to not go back and stay there. Because really? It seems like a damn good option.

But essentially, it's not his life. I think he'd like it to be and that's what he's clinging onto (Lisa: "What do you want from us, Dean?) but slipping back into suburban life just can't happen for Dean. I suppose it's part of his tragic tale, but with his history, knowledge of what's out there, knowing he could be saving people, knowing he could die one day AND Sam... there's just no way.

Loved Lisa. Again. She's stoic and honest. Doesn't play the guilt game with Dean and does what she needs to do to move on. And I don't know about you, but I would have a friggin tough time getting over Dean Winchester also. Good luck any guy that follows... :)

I even liked Ben. Having a teenager of my own, this was very typical of one. Self centred (that's not a negative comment it's just how teenagers are wired), feeling abandoned, feeling like what's happened is his fault and wanting Dean back in their lives. Playing a trick to get Dean back. The actor (Nicholas Elia) is maturing also. I really liked their scene together.

I wondered whether Ben's comment "You know you're walking out on your family right?" was a parallel to Sam walking out to go to college all those years ago? That sense of guilt? Not sure, but I like the idea that there could be full circle here. Now it's Dean's turn to make that choice. Though, when Dean talks about family I only think of him meaning Sam (and maybe Bobby). I know he had a family with Lisa and Ben, but if he did return to them then maybe he would be walking out on his other "family".

Oh Dean. I felt for you here. You will never stop loving these people. The saying "having the best of both worlds" is very apt for you. If I could give you both I would.

7. Really liked that Sam went off to do the hunt so Dean can go and see what was up with Lisa. I loved that Sam was shown to be caring about Dean. Actions speak louder than words. Luckily, with this episode, we got actions AND words.

8. And what fine words they were. That final scene may now be up there as one of my all time favourites (it's going to be really tough to beat the present opening scene from SPN Xmas though..).

Sharing a beer, talking, working on the Impala ...*heaven*

I felt this scene was a parallel to past moments where they felt like they stuffed up. "We can't save them all" - from Dead in the Water I think. They still feel like they've stuff up if innocent people are killed - or they weren't able to save them.

But I liked that they acknowledged that things do screw up, but mostly they work out ok. The BIG things work out. The world was saved for example.

But more than anything there was a maturity in their acceptance and acknowledgment of that. From both of them. I think we are definitely seeing signs of development in their relationship and their characters. So exciting.

Favourite line:

Dean: You shove it down and let it come out in spurts of violence and alcoholism.

So true from what we've seen. Such a bitter sweet and hilarious statement.

This was in response to Sam saying "you want me to forget about it?". Of course, even with their new found maturity we know Sam will be confronted with something that will tear at the wall. He might (for Dean's sake) keep from scratching it, but if that part of Sam Winchester's character (flaw maybe??) is still there then he will want to know what damage he did without a soul and try to fix it. He's not one to ignore these things. Neither is Dean, only with Sam's life at stake he is prepared to "shove it down". Though I suspect the next encounter to attack the wall will be more accidental - Sampa is yet to make a return visit. I suspect that will have consequences.

But the moment that had me clasping my chest was Sam saying thank you. And they (all but) said "I love you". I mean look at those eyes...


Warmfuzzy!Dean. Not sure how else to explain it. But Dean feels right with the world here. The love shining out of those eyes....*be still my heart*

I didn't feel this episode was as solidly constructed as the last two. The MoTW story line was a bit muddled I thought. I'm sure there are parallels to be had with the sisters' story line to the brothers' but there was too much else going on for me to really fix on that. I think the Lisa / Ben "family" story was a much stronger mirror than the sisters'. But maybe I missed something more significant there. I haven't done much reading yet, so I'm sure to find out.

YAY!!! Show. I think its poised to have a few good old fashioned hunts up a head. The boys are on good footing (AT FUCKING LAST!!!!) \o/\o/

In other words... the Epic Love Story of Sam and Dean CONTINUES! \o/

NO IDEA what's coming. I have successfully remained spoiler free. It paid of this week - I didn't even know the title of this one and clapped gleeful hands when I saw the first mannequin.

Already can't wait for the next one.
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