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Pull me off the ledge...

I SO wanna spoil myself for the next episode...

It won't hurt will it? Just a little peek. See what all the excitement is about.... ACK!! /o\ Must. Stay. Strong. (mild spoilers in comments...if you're trying to be COMPLETELY spoiler free..)

I think my new favourite comm is ontd_spnparty. So much JOY over there. It's a lurker's paradise. :D

And in RL news...

I've been alcohol free for 6 weeks now! 6 weeks! That's ridiculous. Only 2 to go... (not counting or anything..) AND only .5 kg before I reach my trimming goal of 5 kgs. I am ridiculously proud of myself. I know 5kgs don't seem like a lot but man... friggin' hard to shed.


and omg omg, the wonderful ancastar said she is going to fill my prompt at oh_sam *DIES* so excited...\o/ *bounces*
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