ash48 (ash48) wrote,

6.15 reaction...

I just. O_O

I think I might be the only one around at the moment not squealing over that. In fact... I'm sure I spent the first half with my head in my hands - not sure IF I could continue watching. Then I decided to chill out and just go for the ride but even then I felt like I needed whatever they were on. And holy crap - they were on some heavy duty stuff..

I mean. I get. I do. There were moments that I seriously laughed out loud. My fav moments were Jared and Jensen playing Sam and Dean trying to be Jared and Jensen acting. Jensen putting on the "serious" face and Jared shuffling about was hilarious.

And Misha. Misha tweeting was priceless. But Misha overacting at the end just left me wondering what the fuck that was all about. The whole thing.

Kinda makes me feel like a killjoy. I know it was a bit fun. A chance for show to play with itself (and yep, I do mean it like that..) and chance to say "HI" to the fans. *waves* hi show! Thanks for recognising us in your show..*feels special*

I suppose I've never been good with forth wall breaking. Well, obliterating. I hated Hollywood Babylon and the whole SPN book thing, so yeah it's probably not surprising that this just didn't do it for me.

I loved the idea of an alternative universe though. If they had seriously gone into another universe (bit like It's a Terrible Life,) I would have been in heaven. Especially as they were making comparisons. I did love Dean thinking this would be a better place for Sam to live. And the acknowledgement that they weren't even brothers in this universe. It had some sweet moments and it was nice to see Gen again. But I'm not sure if she actually played herself and that's what she is like or just a, idk, kinda sour version of herself.

I'm sure the folk at Supernatural Magazine will be thrilled though. That was a nice shout out.

I'll stop here. I obviously didn't have the right brain on for this episode. Especially as I know so many people loved it. I'm thinking this should have been an episode I spoiled myself with. Maybe if I had gone in prepared I might not have spent the whole episode going... what the fuck..?!

Dear Show,

I know you are a TV Show. I do. Weird eh? But hey.... thanks for reminding me.

Yours strangely miffed.

It's likely that once I start reading some posts and picking up on everyones squee I will be able to take this episode how it was intended.

Sorry I'm not dancing about the place...I know it's not much fun to reading reactions like this but I gotta write it as I feel it.

ETA: Due to awesome flist comments I am beginning to feel better about this ep. There's more to it then first meets the eye it would seem. (yes, yes.. takes time for the penny to drop /o\) I may well process this some more and revise my feelings on this ep.
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