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just enough to make us dangerous
Episode 6.22 reaction & review 
22nd-May-2011 09:41 pm
Becc_j Art

filling me with GLEE!! WOOT! What an ep! \o/

Where oh where do I start?!

Let's start with my favourite first...

1. SAMMYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh you magnificent, smart, brave, daring, clever, soulless, soulful, angsty, bloody BEAUTIFUL MAN!!

I was really anxious about the way they were going to deal with the wall coming down. But this? Going into Sam's mind to join each part of his psyche? Brilliant! And inspired! Love LOVED it. And Jared rocked it completely. It's kind of weird to me that as much as I hated having to watch soulless!Sam in the first 10 eps I absolutely LOVED seeing him again in this episode. Jared oozed power and charisma and control. WOOT! And in contrast... IN CONTRAST!... His pained, hell experienced, tortured Sam was totally believable and *guh*... amazing. And soulful, confused and amnesic Sam (they did AMENSIA!SAM \o/) was clever and resourceful. <333 (and WOW... Cas was the one to bring it all down...*dies*)

I don't think we've ever seen such a clear example of WHO SAM IS! \O/

But the ultimate for me? The moment I repeated the line out loud and clutched my heart? Sam saying "I'm not leaving my brother alone out there." WHAAAAAA!! Come on!! Surely Sam has now redeemed himself?! Surely Sam has PROVED his undying love for his brother?! This was NOT a selfish act. Allowing the memories of hell in to his mind shows us the lengths he is prepared to go to for Dean. It's no less then Dean would do for Sam.

BOYS!!!!! \o/ God! I LOVE them!

Ok. So there was other stuff. :D OF COURSE! *BG*

2. Wayward Son? NEVER gets old...<33

3. Love the mysterious, WTF! beginning... Sam on the run, trying to piece together what's going on. Meeting Robin... who we KNOW is more than she seems. And I loved that reveal. Soulless! Sam killed her.... just. DAMN! Then I kept thinking.. Where's Dean? He must be going out of his mind with Sam lost. Hee.. but of course...

4. ... HE'S HOLDING VIGIL OVER SAM!! *dies* Though... poor Dean. After what he just went through with losing Lisa and Ben. And now Sam! How much can that boy take?! Just like Sam's concern for Dean in the previous episode we now get to witness Dean's concern and heartbreak for Sam.

(and was I yelling at the screen "touch his head" when he left Sam??! Damn right!! It would have totally been acceptable *g*. )

5. Bobby. What a guy. He holds it together, does the research. He's a quiet achiever. I love him for that. <33 We also see him lose someone else he has loved. We are constantly being reminded that hunters cannot be close to anyone. Or if you are? Be prepared to lose them. (I love that they introduced Eleanor early on so they could use her now. Good thinking Show...)

6. Castiel! HOLY HELL!! I gotta say, they got me on this one. HA! God!Castiel made me squee just a bit! I just. Wow... they actually went there.

I have no idea what the fan reaction has been to Cas turning on Dean and Sam and being generally not very nice. I imagine there might be some hurt, some disappointment even (?) but for me I loved the way this played out. I know how I felt when Sam was making his dubious decisions at the end of Season 4. Totally devastated! So I imagine that might be how some people are feeling over Castiel's turn. (?). But it's all part of the way they like to play these characters. Making these dubious decisions (see Dean 6.21). So now it's Castiel's turn. I wonder if part of S7 will be Cas reconciling with Sam and Dean somehow. NO idea... but I doubt they will leave it up in the air.

Apart from all that, I love the way Castiel played his side of the game. So clever really. He got what he wanted in the end. Yes, he wanted Dean's approval - he couldn't understand why a friend wouldn't support him. But he played Crowley and Raphael and won in the end.

Ack! Power hungry, single minded, BAMF Cas! What a journey for a character who started out merely as an angel who pulled Dean out of hell.

Things that made me go..... what?

Hee. Show wouldn't be Show if some things didn't hold together. I think the logistics of wiping Lisa and Ben's memories in 6.21 is one of the big ones in terms of implausibility but my big one in this ep is... how the hell is Jimmy's body managing to hold all those POWERFUL souls?? Sam had to drink gallons of demon blood to take on Lucifer. Jimmy has had Castiel in him for AGES.. and now.... thousands of souls?

Also... and this is minor really but still bugs me. How did Sam "sneak" up behind Castiel in order to stab him in the end? Without ANY of them seeing him?!... Just.. /o\(I know, I know it's filming stuff. But I would like some sort of plausible way Sam could have got in there unnoticed.

And a wee wee niggle. Dean saying that he had lost Sam (along with Lisa and Ben..). As though he really had. I know he probably thought he had but my heart pinged then because it felt like Dean had given up on the belief that Sam would be ok. I think I may have liked him to believe that Sam could fight what ever was going on in his brain. Or at least denied (for himself) that Sam was lost forever. I don't know. Maybe this was defeatist!Dean. It's all going to shit.. so why not Sam. *sadface*

In summary...

Dean is awesome and amazing! He STANDS HIS GROUND! No matter what. No matter how painful it will be for him. He follows what he believes. He doesn't make deals or work with demons (now). He desperately wanted to believe in Cas but just couldn't. He knew what Cas was doing was wrong. (just like he did with Sam in S4). It hurts, but this boy can handle pain. *hearts him* (he's someone that would have spoken up during the McCarthy era, or during the Salem witch trials. Random comment I know.. but that's how I see Dean...total admiration.)

Sam is awesome and amazing. He faces the painful truths about himself, he makes selfless sacrifices (now), he has battled his so called destiny and WON! He has heart and soul (thank god!) and is ALL those things I mentioned above. *adores him to pieces*

Show is awesome and amazing. It constantly pushes the boundaries. It's (and I'm quoting from a coment on a previous thread) AUDACIOUS! It made Cas a God for God's sake! (Um... Cas' sake?). It gave us soulless!Sam and domestic!Dean. It's given us brothers who would (and have!) died for each other. It gives us flawed characters, it's EPIC and give us MAN PAIN! What's not to love?!

And now we have to wait. :((( I am totally going to spoil myself going into S7. There is NO WAY I can last that long without a fix!!

Though I'm gonna need lots of fic to see me through me thinks...
22nd-May-2011 01:57 pm (UTC)
I'm so glad you loved it! I loved it (and after what the Hawaii Five-0 finale did to me I *needed* something to love). I know a lot of people aren't happy with the Castiel thing, but I think it's intriguing and brilliant. For quite a long time for me Castiel was in danger of turning into little more than a deus ex machina, Dean's tame angel buddy, but they've blown that right out of the water now. Interesting stuff, and has hooked me right back in for S7.

And how much did Jared rock playing the three different versions of Sam? Brilliant, just brilliant (oh, and did I mention hot, too?) :)
23rd-May-2011 07:10 am (UTC)

Your point about Castiel is exactly why I loved that something so monumental has happened to him. It really gave him a story line and I gotta say.. I love what he become. :)

And YES! Jared was WAY HOT! :D

Change of topic , but wow... so many of my list were upset with H5O. So much so that I haven't even watched it. Is it really that bad? Whaaaaa.... just when I was getting hooked. /o\
22nd-May-2011 01:59 pm (UTC)
squeees with you! cause I loved both episodes so much (unlike many I'm seeing elsewhere) and it's bringing down my happy karma *grumbles* I thought these were brilliant like you said.

Jared was asked a question at JIB about what was his favorite line of Sam's. He said that it was in the finale so he couldn't say what it was. I'm wondering if this "I'm not leaving my brother alone out there" was that line? It was so great how EK almost mirrored the same words Dean used in SS - keeping the bromance going even though they weren't together.

I also loved Jared's perfect 3 Sam's - he is so versatile in all he does, and gets better and better.

Dean - just how badass was he? He was BADASS! The Dean we all know and love was at his best. It was so tragic they ended it with Lisa-Ben like they did, but it was inevitable. I'm just glad he didn't have to watch them die, but he knows they are still out they and it will eat at him forever. No HEA ever for our boys *sniffs* and Jensen just rocked all of it. His range is perfect for everything they throw at him.

Oh My Cas! LOL that's the new catch phrase for the summer! I had speculated a few days before the finale that he would be the new baddie and I was right! *faints* How awesome is he now? even more awesome than before. Can't wait to see how the boys and Bobby figure this one out, but they will.

I could go on all day and disect every second but I won't bore you - your summary pretty much sums up exactly how I feel - our show is magnificent and I can't wait till S7.
23rd-May-2011 07:14 am (UTC)
Oh yay!! And really? Many didn't like it? I've really only scanned my flist and mostly all have been really positive. I probably glad I have seen all the negative response because it would get me down also. I suspect a lot might be to do with what happened to Cas... but.. yeah. I kinda loved that twist. And knowing SPN it will be an issue that will be solved next season.

They love to stir up the fans. In the past it's been between Sam and Dean... so I'm really glad it's still not about the divide between them. It's been wonderful to see them working together so well again.

I am SO curious to know what they plan to do in S7. I CANT WAIT!!.. But sadly have too... :((

22nd-May-2011 02:19 pm (UTC)
Brilliant commentary! I had no time to read it but did anyway because I found myself nodded with every word... I agree absolutely. It wasn't perfect, but it felt a little like it in places. Particularly with Sam and with that vigil. I can't imagine how many times I'm going to watch that over the long summer.

And a wee wee niggle. Dean saying that he had lost Sam (along with Lisa and Ben..). As though he really had. I know he probably thought he had but my heart pinged then because it felt like Dean had given up on the belief that Sam would be ok. I think I may have liked him to believe that Sam could fight what ever was going on in his brain. Or at least denied (for himself) that Sam was lost forever. I don't know. Maybe this was defeatist!Dean. It's all going to shit.. so why not Sam. *sadface*

You are the only one I've seen with this issue, and this was the first thing I emailed Ancastar after the finale. This really bothered me. I am such a Sam&Dean girl, and to have the loss of Sam grouped with the rest, when Sam wasn't really gone... it kind of hurt a little, even though I know it wasn't meant to. And we know from all Dean's actions that he hasn't given up on Sam, but still...

I also will need lots and lots of fic. How long do we have? Four months? How can that even be?
23rd-May-2011 07:20 am (UTC)
Awwww... thanks honey. I'm glad I gave myself a couple of days before writing stuff down because my brain was all a mess. :)

Vigil!! It was almost fanfic! Except we needed Dean running his hand over Sam hair... just for that added bromance moment. But, I suppose we can't have it all. But I will be watching that moment (and the one when Sam had his first collapse *g*) quite a few times.

and to have the loss of Sam grouped with the rest, when Sam wasn't really gone... it kind of hurt a little, even though I know it wasn't meant to.

Yes. That's what it was. Being grouped in there with the others who were well and truly lost to him. We know he hadn't given up because he left Sam that note. He believed (and hoped) that Sam would pull through. I thought it was very strong of Dean to leave him to recover on his own. But Dean has left him to recover on his own in that dreaded panic room before so he knows Sam can do it...

And four months?! Again!? Why does it come around so soon.. :((

At least we have another season.. \o/
22nd-May-2011 02:58 pm (UTC)
2. Wayward Son? NEVER gets old...<33


3. Love the mysterious, WTF! beginning...

Did you notice he was outside John's storage locker? I love show so much when they do stuff like this...

how the hell is Jimmy's body managing to hold all those POWERFUL souls??

Well, the way I look at it is that it's Castiel's true form, the one thats "bigger than the Chrysler building" wasn't it? Yeah, that's where the souls are, the meat suit is still more of a vessel just for Cas - hey, it made sense until I wrote it down! *stamps foot* (actually the Jimmy thing is pretty strange anyway, some god remade Cas twice now, so maybe he's a bit different?)

Dean saying that he had lost Sam (along with Lisa and Ben..).

That one didn't really bother me as much as you, I figure there, Dean hasn't really LOST Ben and Lisa, they're still alive, he just can't talk to them, same with Sam, he's still alive, but will he wake up and be able to BE Sam again, Dean doesn't know. So for now the loss of Sam is as sharp as the loss of Lisa and Ben, he hasn't given up on any of them, just none of them are right there WITH him.

I think the thing with me is this, in season 4 Sam was doing all these "wrong" things, this time as you point out Castiel is going down the exact same path. Dean warns both of them, problem is, there is no other way. Just as Dean admits later, the plan to kill Lilleth with the knowledge they had at the time was a good one, it was the execution of it by Sam using his evil powers that was Dean's problem. Again here, IF Cas hadn't done the deal to open purgatory, then his war in heaven was lost and Rafael would have brought on the apocalypse and made him/herself god. Dean was right, he tells them what they are doing is wrong, the path they are taking will destroy them, but neither Sam nor Cas, nor even Dean have another plan and that kind of hits home really hard, because in both cases, ultimately the world was saved from the brink. I'm not sure how to process that.

I'm staying out of specific spoilers for season 7, I might find someone I trust to share a few generalities, but I'm still very happy having this lot dropped on my head!
23rd-May-2011 07:29 am (UTC)
Did you notice he was outside John's storage locker?

YES! I loved that. I first I thought that's where he was headed and he was going to be retrieving something from it. Great continuity.

I like your reasoning for Jimmy as vessel. It's totally screwy really and open for interpretation I suppose. But I really hope Jimmy isn't still in there. From all accounts it's not pleasant being possessed.

Ahhhh... so "lost" as in just not reachable. Hmmm.. ok. I can go with that. In fact, that works for me. I know he still believed Sam would make it because he left the note for him'

And it's very interesting about the chosen paths when there really wasn't another solution. I've been trying to work out a way Cas could have won the war AND done the "right" thing. Maybe if he became a "good" god... not a "you will bow down before me" kind of god.. his actions might be seen as a "good" means to an ends. He did win the war in heaven, and by all accounts he needed to. He's become exactly what he fears Raphael would be. Now maybe he needs to return the souls and go back to being a angel. Maybe that's what will happen next season... (?).

Wow.. thinky much. :)

I have a casting spoiler for next season and that's all. I will probably read stuff that comes up, probably even do promo pics etc. I just can't hang out for 4 months without a little bit of something! <33
22nd-May-2011 03:45 pm (UTC)
omg I hope the awesome fic start pouring in soon.

"and was I yelling at the screen "touch his head" when he left Sam"

OMG like at the top of my lungs. Haha
23rd-May-2011 07:30 am (UTC)
HE NEED TO TOUCH SAMMY!! You... like on his hair. (We need fic on that STAT!!)

I'm needing my hurt!Sammy fics like whoa. Lots of h/c for both boys will be in order! :D
22nd-May-2011 04:18 pm (UTC)
Very well said! I loved all the Sam dreamscape bit. I loved Dean's emotional reactions to everything. I rewatched The Kids are Alright last night with a friend who is watching SPN for the first time (all in a row, all with me. Flail!) Seeing Lisa and Ben introduced for the first time was heartbreaking after just having watched Let It Bleed the night before.

I was engaged and engrossed for most of (all?) both episodes.

And I was the same way about soulless!Sam being back. As much as he messed with my show-love in the first half of S6, I LOVED seeing him here. I loved feeling!Sam confronting him. And I LOVED the "You know me..." conversation with hell!Sam. I think Jared mentioned that scene in one of the recent cons. I cannot recall which nor the exact question. But I think he was asked either about his character's motivation this season OR about his favorite line/scene of the season (or something along these lines.) He replied that he couldn't say because the episode had not yet aired. But when it does air we would know it because Sam says, "You know me. You know what I have to do this."

Oh show.

23rd-May-2011 11:39 am (UTC)
How awesome... watching it with a new comer! I really wish I had some one in RL to share the show with. My hubby hates is and my daughter is too young. Oh well... that's what on-line fandom and friends is all about! <33

The dreamscape was so awesome. I loved not knowing what was going on and then... wow.... inside Sammy's brain! The wall is down and he has to face his other selves. What a cool, cool idea.

Oh and Jared said that?! *swoon*... I love those boys... <333

Oh show indeed... <33
22nd-May-2011 06:05 pm (UTC)
How did Sam "sneak" up behind Castiel in order to stab him in the end? Without ANY of them seeing him?!

I'm fanwanking it this way: Dean and Bobby saw him but did not react, and Castiel allowed it because he wanted to show his power t Dean - and perhaps test the transformation himself; if he could survive this, nothing could destroy him. In other words, Castiel let it happen. He wasn't angry at Sam for doing it, either, which I found interesting.
23rd-May-2011 10:34 am (UTC)
Oh, I like this explanation! :)
23rd-May-2011 02:26 am (UTC)
It was all epicness. I only wish it could have been much longer and alot of the great things given more screen time. Made for TV movie perhaps?
23rd-May-2011 11:47 am (UTC)
A movie would be well awesome! I really wish they could get the money to either make a full on movie or a made for TV movie sometime in the future. I really think they would go to town. As it is, I think they do a remarkable job.
23rd-May-2011 03:54 am (UTC)

First of all, great review darling as always! and I applaud you on being so articulate so soon!!! :D :D :D My head is still spinning and I'm still trying to process everything I've taken in. I feel like I've been hit by a Mac truck and beat over the head with a two-by-four for good measure!!!

My first reaction regarding Cas --- NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU'VE GONE TOO FAR!!!! HAVE YOU ALL LOST YOUR MINDS???? THIS IS UNFORGIVABLE!!!!! KRIPKE!!! YOU BASTARD!!!

Then I remembered to calm the f*ck down, sit back and enjoy the ride. Show has a reason for everything, and I have to trust that this diabolical conversion of Cas into a badass Marvel villain has a purpose. I have too much love in my heart for that trench-coat wearing bastard to think show would hang him out to dry like this as gone darkside and irredeemable. There WILL be redemption for Cas, of this I am certain. Because I know show loves him as much as I do, and they just wouldn't go there if there wasn't a way back.

To me, Cas has gone mad, truly stark-raving Jim Jones bonkers. It's almost like when the boys taught him the power of free will, they created a monster. Do I really believe Cas is God now because he sucked up a billion souls from purgatory??? NO WAY. He is off his rocker with power and nuke poison and BELIEVES he's God, and is certainly as immortal at this point (I'm sure even Death would have a hard time ganking Cas right now), but is he the real deal? No way, because GOD is GOD, and there can be only one. And you don't get to be GOD by busting open purgatory. God-like maybe, but not the original article.

I have a feeling the real God is gonna be mighty f*ckin' pissed when he sees what one of his tamest and most loyal Angels has been up to. Cas is like a spoiled brat to me now after the stunt he's pulled and Dad needs to come home and tune him in. Somebody needs a spanking!!!! :D :D :D

Anyway, just had to get that off my chest. SO MUCH LOVE for all of it (esp. the war in Sam's noggin and Dean's vigil!!!), and those last two eps MORE THAN PAID OFF for all of the angst we were put through early on.

23rd-May-2011 11:58 am (UTC)
Thanks hun! Hee... I feel barely articulate. My brain went into melt down just slightly I think... *g*

And I think show wouldn't be show if we weren't saying "Kripke you bastard!!".. he must be doing something right. *G*

To be honest I really haven't figure out Cas yet. I can't tell if he did what he did because it was the only way to win the war in heaven. He, like Sam in S4, was on a righteous path ...but once he got those souls in him he got drunk on the power of them. Again, much like Sam did with the Demon blood.

I'm not sure if Cas won't just realise that he can't be a "god" and return the souls to purgatory (or heaven) in S7 (after Dean convinces him of course *g*) or become the new big bad. I'm pretty sure he won't be the new BB... too many fans would like to see him returned to a friend to the bros... so I think he will have to make some hard decisions.... OR SOMETHING! Hee... no idea.

I think also that Cas might be in danger of becoming like Lucifer - fallen angel, thinking he's above everyone else, so that might scare him enough to send the souls back . eeeek.... I don't know.

Is it September yet?!! ACK Really?! We have to wait that long! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa
23rd-May-2011 10:32 am (UTC)
Just a big old *happy sigh* from me. :) I honestly really can't understand anybody complaining about this finale. (I've seen a few on YT) I mean, hey, this is the end of season 6, and the story still goes strong, and gives us unexpected twists and turnes. I think it's amazing. *vigorous nod*


Oh, and everything you said. *agrees*

how the hell is Jimmy's body managing to hold all those POWERFUL souls??

Since I'm convinced that Jimmy's body doesn't exist anymore and this is all Cas I can live with him integrating all those souls. ;)

*expects season 7 to start tomorrow* :P

23rd-May-2011 12:01 pm (UTC)
People are complaining??! It's been mentioned here but I haven't really read anything myself. I suppose Show isn't always going to please everyone. Pleased me though! :D

Yes.. I've started to think that Jimmy just doesn't exist anymore. It's beyond reasoning really... :D

I WANT IT TO START TOMORROW! This wait will seem like FOREVER! :((
23rd-May-2011 03:09 pm (UTC)
Jared did SUCH a good job. Other than that, I don't really know. I have thinky thoughts, but too many feelings to sort them or even decide if I like it, all in all. Just, whaaat?
24th-May-2011 12:22 pm (UTC)
Hey hun. So didn't grab you eh? I admit it was a bit... ok. wow... um... they went there. Then it was... WOW... they went THERE! It took a while for it all to sink and I really need to watch it again... but yeah. I think it was pretty daring of the show to take it where they did.

I'm not sure that because I am not invested in Cas the same way some fans are (as in Dean/Cas or see Cas as totally part of "team free will" ), I wasn't disappointed or cross that they gave Cas the "big bad" role at the end. Though I'm not entirely convinced that he was being "bad" as such... ack! To hard to work out. It'll be interesting to see where they go with it next season.

oohhh... I blabbed a bit. I could chat about this aspect of the show for ages.

24th-May-2011 06:41 am (UTC)
Ack! My brain is still liquefied; luckily all I need is one word: AGREED!:D You've nailed it hun, right down to the capslock moments. <3
24th-May-2011 12:30 pm (UTC)
Yay! Thanks sweetie...

It was pretty brain liquifying wasn't it?! Show always seems to go places you think it wouldn't dare. And then it does.... \o/

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