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The "additional" season... 
24th-Jun-2011 11:24 pm
Becc_j Art
The one that happened after Kripke's Five Year Plan...

I’ve been wanting to reflect on season six for a while now but I’ve decided instead to just say WHAT SHE SAID!

missyjack has written a brilliant review/overview of season six. She captures the very reasons why I was so excited by the season.

More than anything, it’s the acknowledgment that Show really gave us something special in its overall approach to the season - that being its noir focus. I seriously recommend taking the time to read the review. It highlights all the noir elements and cements for me why Show didn’t rest on its laurels this season. It was gutsy in its choices and clever in its delivery.

Sure, there were things I was disappointed with. I thought the Campbell story line wasn’t explored as well as it could have been, they killed Rufus and we had 11 whole episodes of not!Sammy. But other than that I thought it was pretty damn solid.

I'm going to pinch dotfic's idea and look at my wish list for S6 and see how close Show came to fulfilling it for me. (bold is what I typed back in Sept 2010)

I would like to see the boys catch a break.

HA! What the fuck show did I think I was watching!?!? What a stupid thing to wish for...

I want to see SMART boys.

Hmm....I remember writing this because in S5 we had a couple of episodes that really irked me because the boys were shown to be not-so-smart. There wasn't really an episode in S6 that I hated (not like S5's Swap Meat or Devil you Know type of hate). So at least there was that. They didn't get caught out because they were "stupid" ... I don't think. Not that I can remember. So ..um... tick.

I want the boys to like each other again.

YES! WIN! I felt like they were beginning to genuinely like each other again. Sure, sure they love each other to pieces but to want to be together, to work, respect and trust each other? After Sam got his soul back they started to rebuild. \o/

I'd like to be surprised.

YES! Soulless!Sam = complete surprise. And the finale....yep. No idea we were heading there. Also... Show showing us filming the Show!!? The ultimate in surprising. :D

No more guilt for Dean.

Whoa... that's a tricky one. I think Dean suffered a lot through S6. When I look back I see it more then I did when I was watching it. His losses were really huge. First Sam, then Lisa and Ben and finally Castiel. The guilt was there and so was the pain but I also saw a stronger Dean. I'm sticking to my belief that both boys grew up through S6. Mainly in the way they handled everything. War weary maybe, but also showing strength through experience.

No more Sam-is-a-bad-little-brother.

*yikes* Holy crap. Could Sam have been any more the "bad little brother"?! I will NEVER get over the look on Sam's face when he watched Dean be turned. That KILLED me. Sam was the ultimate bad little brother in those first 11 episodes. It was excruciating to watch at times. Even though we knew something was wrong some of Sam's actions were hard to forgive. But I loved that Dean did forgive him (well, after beating the crap out of him ) and Sam didn't angst over it all too much. (see above re character growth..).

No More "not-exactly-sure-what-to-do-with-Castiel".

YAY! Big tick. Cas became part of the overall story arc and even had his own development. I actually loved Cas's story in S6. I loved that he "turned" and was torn (like Sam was in s4) between what he feels he must do to win the war and what is probably "right".

Washing the Impala

Hmm... no. But I live in hope. :)


Still like them to tackle this one.

Seriously spooky episodes (Amityville type creepy).

Hmmmm.... don't think anything fit that bill. To date "Family Remains" and "Bloody Mary are the only ones that fit that bill. Still hope for truly spooky eps...(not just gore..)

Grand Canyon (I know... not gonna happen)

Yep. Didn't happen.

Mention (or, even return) of the amulet. (I know that's not gonna happen either..:( )

I still hold out hope.

Hugging. Or at least lots of bro touching - of the h/c variety :D

Two hugs! One a killer because Sam wasn't really in it and the other.... WOOT! Best hug yet. And yay for bro touching of the h/c variety. Dean touching Sam when he collapsed at the end of Unforgiven. *hearts Show* for that one.

Not bad really, considering many of my wishes were far fetched.

I was going to post wishes for season seven, but I've blabbed enough so I think I will leave that for another day.

Happy? Surprised? Disappointed? Looking back... what did you think?
24th-Jun-2011 04:35 pm (UTC)
While it felt like canon was still beating Dean down with all the losses, it was great to see him fighting back so hard -- it was a big contrast to Dean of late S5. He's still suffering but he was knocking heads together and taking names and not giving up. Also there were some gorgeously badass Dean moments.

The second and real hug was glorious. \o/

It's funny, I sort of...keep forgetting this was the "coda" season. Or it could even have been viewed as apocryphal if I disliked it enough. But it didn't feel apocryphal or "didn't really happen" -- a coda feel to it, maybe, except it was a continuation, fall-out from what went before so it didn't feel separate. It was definitely a shift in tone and look from S1-5, but they've shifted almost every season, this was just more extreme, I think.

My S6 squee has a weird U-shape. Happy the first four eps, happy the last 6, lots of WTF and misery and despair in the middle with a few glimmers of liking it. Such an odd season!
25th-Jun-2011 09:33 am (UTC)
Odd indeed. Roller coaster also. I remember pounding my laptop with "I WANT SAM BACK!".. but enjoying the mystery and emotion of it all.

I think it's only been in looking back that I've really appreciated everything Dean went through. And survived. I loved the strength they gave him to get through it all and I suspect he needed that and his wisdom to try and help guide Castiel out of his choices. Shame it didn't work... but we really don't know yet until this story line is resolved.

Surely S7 can't be as heart breaking...

(famous last words probably..)
24th-Jun-2011 04:38 pm (UTC)
I read MJ's blog a few days ago and it does bring to light a lot of what I had questions about regarding the "noir" season. I already blabbed about it to her so I won't repeat all that...I'll just say that it wasn't such a huge disappointment to me like it has been to some. They had to reboot somehow, and actually I think it was brilliant they way it was done, ending up with Cas being the culprit to most of what happened during the season. Pretty cool turn of events there. Now if they boys can just get him back to our Angel of Thursday without killing him, I couldn't handle that. Dean has never given up on his brother(s).

That HUG was the bestest ever, and I told the Js that in LA this year (to which they did a little fist bump)! I asked about the amulet also, and Jensen said they have no influence over the writers, but when I brought up that it would make sense for it to come back now, he agreed with me. Since then he has said he doesn't think it will be back, so boooooo to that; sometimes I think these writers don't think about what the fans want at all.

Nope, we didn't get the Grand Canyon (but may this season with the new theme they are going with), and Nope we didn't washing the Impala shirtless (damn what's it gonna take for that)??? :D

The brotherly bond has come back, and they have mutual respect for each other and what each has gone through. Lots of character growth for Sam finally - it's long overdue.

Dean's sadness over so many things was heartbreaking again to watch. He's lost everyone he's ever loved, but at least he got Sam back twice. There will probably never be a HEA for our boys, so they're just gonna keep on doing with they do best and make the best of it.

And before I get busy and forget, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope it's a great one!
25th-Jun-2011 12:18 pm (UTC)

MJ has a way of capturing everything so eloquently. I always love her observations.

Now if they boys can just get him back to our Angel of Thursday without killing him, I couldn't handle that.

Of wow... I didn't consider that. I can't even imagine them going down that route... but...show is known for killing off characters... so. Ack! It's not beyond them.

and I told the Js that in LA this year

Woot! How awesome! Good for you... And they did a fist bump?! Doubly awesome! No amulet though... :(( I reckon they'll bring it back in the very last episode ever. Just to appease the fans. I hope anyway.

I read a fic where Sam had a new one made and gave it to Dean.... I like that idea. I doubt he would still have the old one after all this time.

Thanks for the birthday wishes! *smish*
25th-Jun-2011 01:16 pm (UTC)
*embraces self for the hug*


Hee... I have to say hubby didn't quite deliver on the shirtless Impala washing boys....but he did buy me a Supernatural book which is like WTF?! You are feeding my addiction...?! *hugs him*

Thanks so much sweetie. <33333333

24th-Jun-2011 07:38 pm (UTC)
I didn't have hopes for season 6 (but what a fun idea!) so I was satisfied in the sense that I enjoyed them all and watched them pretty much live because I'm still too engaged in the characters to want to wait any longer than necessary. And nothing in season 6 changed that. (I actually *loved* watching Robo!Sam and trying to guess what was wrong with him and how they would fix him.)

Hmmm... my hopes for season 7?
  1. Sam's hair is cut like he wore it in most of season 2 *g*

  2. ummm... other than that? I'm good.
Seriously, I love that Sam and Dean are brothers again. Like, season 1-2 brothers again. I'm hoping there are still ramifications of the wall in Sam's head coming down. But I'm pretty easy...
25th-Jun-2011 01:25 pm (UTC)
It was fun looking back and seeing what actually transpired. At the end of the day I'm just happy to see the boys on the screen.

Oh and I loved trying to figure out what was wrong with Sam... it killed me that he wasn't Sammy but Jared was so totally awesome in that role he was such fun to watch. Though I was thrilled when he finally got his soul back,

Sam's hair! Man... I want early season hair too. But I have to figure he won't wear it like that again... *boo hoo*. I'd like him to war it like he did in Friday the 13th... yummm

I do have some hopes for S7 (which I will post some time...) but overall I just want it to start again.

24th-Jun-2011 08:29 pm (UTC)
Looking back... best of all that there was a season six! ;D

But seriously, I loved it. I'm happy, content and ready for season 7. :)
And I leave all the detail discussions to others (my brain is just not made for that).

And since it's late here and I'm tired I read your "Mothman" and "washing the Impala" together and my brain created: "Mothman washing the Impala". lol. Can you imagine Dean's face? :P
25th-Jun-2011 01:31 pm (UTC)
I agree! I honestly thought Show would never last this long.... so thrilled that it has.

Ha! Mothman washing the impala...with this show anything is possible. :D :D


25th-Jun-2011 01:59 am (UTC)
thanks for the lovely word about my noir review !

The first few eps of S6 made me have many FEELINGS because of the disconnect bw Sam and Dean, and bc we didn't know WHY it was happening. I was really uncomfortable - but fascinated at the same time. I felt like Dean - anxious and paranoid! (and robo Sam was kinda awesome!)

And then wow - when the boys do get back together it was so amazing to see them pick up from where their relationship had evolved to at the end of S5. And I really don't think that would've been as bright and shiny if we hadn't had soulless Sam. (actually just rewatched WIAWSNB and the dreamverse r'ship felt similarly unsettling).

Anyway - one wish I have for S7 is to have a 'day in the life' type ep for the boys. I really wan to see them do laundry again ;D
25th-Jun-2011 01:37 pm (UTC)
one wish I have for S7 is to have a 'day in the life' type ep for the boys. I really wan to see them do laundry again ;D

omg.. I'm so totally up for this. Kinda like a Weekend at Bobby's - it'd be a day doing "normal" stuff and at the end of the ep they decide that fighting monsters is easier that battling with washing machines..
25th-Jun-2011 03:24 pm (UTC)
We get to make lists?? Of expectations???? That's what I love about this fandom, it's so interactive. You should definitely do a new one :) I think I might have to too, even if it's only in my head. It probably won't be worth posting cuz I think it pretty much boils down to: 1) hurt/Comfort! and 2) where is the frickin amulet already?

anyway, I dunno when your clock resets, so I waited til it's the 25th in my timezone to say: Happy Birthday sweets! Hope it's a good one :P

Edited at 2011-06-25 04:09 pm (UTC)
25th-Jun-2011 03:39 pm (UTC)
I like your list - samrt boys, liking each other, and Yes!surprises.
I found the first episodes challenging, with 'Where's Sam' and then 'What? Sam wouldn't so that!' But I found the season full of light episodes which made me laugh, so yes I loved this season!
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