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Meta thank you post (Sex, Sam and The Soul)

I am about to post a meta/recap/picspam that I have been working on for quite a while. I thought I would make a separate thank you post because these gals deserve a post of their own. <33

Firstly, a HUGE thank you to the amazing geckoholic for the absolutely gorgeous graphics. There really are not enough words of thanks honey. You know how much I adore them (and you!). *heffa squishes*

Writing doesn't exactly come easy to me, so it took a while to get this to a place I was happy with. There is NO WAY I would have got it to this point without the help of the fabulous bythedamned. She helped me shape it and she looked over numerous drafts. There was also much needed cheerleading along the way. Thank you SO much honey. I've learned so much through this process. *padahugs*

A very special thanks also to the lovely el1ie for the feedback and encouragement. *huggles*


I've been wanting to write meta about sex on the show for a while, but I never really knew what angle to take. And then Show gave us soulless!Sam. It turned to be the very thing I needed to ground my thoughts when thinking about Sam and sex.

I actually started to write this in February and slowly built it up over a couple of months. I was going to scrap the whole thing but bythedamned gave me the kick I needed and now, finally, it's ready to go.

If you're not into the reading at least check out the gorgeous pictures. The composition and colour choices are stunning. (and then give geckoholic copious amounts of love).

As always, I am open for discussion and (friendly) disagreements. It is purely my opinion and of course I'm open to different viewpoints.

(and yes, I would like to attempt one for Dean one day *g*)
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