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curled around these images
just enough to make us dangerous
New Vid! World Spins Madly On 
7th-Aug-2011 07:57 pm
Ain't heavy

Title: World Spins Madly On
Vidder: ash48
Song: by The Weepies
Category: Character study / S6 Dean (and Sam)
Length: 2.46m
Size: 29.8 mb
Summary: The world spins on for Dean, no matter what.

Links: You Tube | Sendspace (.dixv) | 4Shared

embed, thanks and vid notesCollapse )

No money made but comments are gratefully accepted. :)

ETA: Fic written (inspired by the vid yay) by Novella). It's gorgeous. Mild wincest.
8th-Aug-2011 02:57 am (UTC)
8th-Aug-2011 12:37 pm (UTC)
Thank you! :D
8th-Aug-2011 06:08 am (UTC)
Lovely :) Also, that's probably the best song for S6!Dean I've come across.
8th-Aug-2011 12:40 pm (UTC)
Thank you! It fits kinda well doesn't it? Sometimes it surprises me how well some songs fit for the show.

Thanks for taking the time to tell me. :)
8th-Aug-2011 07:07 am (UTC)
Fabulous choice of clips, watching this has made me crave a season 6 marathon re-watch...
8th-Aug-2011 12:43 pm (UTC)
Thank you! oooh.. a s6 marathon! I haven't done that... though vidding means I get to watch snippets of it. Usually why it takes so long to vid. I keep stopping to watch bits...

Thanks so much for watching and commenting. :)
8th-Aug-2011 12:43 pm (UTC)
Aw! Oh, Dean. Yes, Sam's soul was a *good* thing to fight so hard to get back.

Really nicely done!
8th-Aug-2011 11:00 pm (UTC)
Thank you! And yes - I don't think Dean could have lived with himself if he didn't at least try and get Sam's soul back. Good thing he did. <333
8th-Aug-2011 04:18 pm (UTC)
Oh my god. The editing you've done here is so flawless and so perfectly suited to the music, I just...

WOW. *bows down in awe*

Beautiful work.
8th-Aug-2011 11:01 pm (UTC)
Wow - thanks for your lovely comment. *beams*
I'm so glad you liked it.
8th-Aug-2011 04:39 pm (UTC)
Oh yay! I finally got a chance to sit down and watch and you do this song and this concept COMPLETE JUSTICE. So lovely and lyrical, so heart-wrenching but ultimately satisfying upon Sam's return. You are amazing, as always! ♥_♥
8th-Aug-2011 11:04 pm (UTC)
Yay! Thank you so much sweetie. You know I have loved this song ever since I heard it and it really wouldn't leave me alone until I put images to it. :)

Thanks so much for watching and for your lovely comment.
9th-Aug-2011 05:21 am (UTC)
oh wow, this is beautiful, bb! It's such a beautiful song and it's perfect for Dean during season 6. Some parts made me choke up, great editing and placement of clips with the song, I especially loved that you used the clip of Dean waking up after recovering from being a vampire with the second chorus. Stunning work.
9th-Aug-2011 12:27 pm (UTC)
Thank you sweetheart! <33

I can't believe how long it too me to figure out having Dean wake after the vamp dream on the second "woke up and wished that I was dead". I was really stuck what to do with that repeated lyric. I wanted to show Dean waking up to him knowing about Sam so I had some "realisation" clips in there, which just weren't working. Then I worked with the story and there it was...

Thanks for watching and for your lovely comment. :D

10th-Aug-2011 03:54 pm (UTC)
Oh, honey! That was absolutely freakin' gorgeous!!!! You make my world spin madly! ::Hugs you:: Thanks for this one, love.
10th-Aug-2011 11:14 pm (UTC)
Awww, thanks so much sweetie. *hugs back*. Glad you liked. :D
11th-Aug-2011 01:07 am (UTC)
Great song! Love how it works both for Dean's time without Sam, but equally for when they are reunited and once more in unison again at the end. Lovely job, hun. <3
11th-Aug-2011 04:46 am (UTC)

Thanks so much sweetie. Yeah - I wanted to show a kind of complete circle for Dean - the loss and then reunion.

Thanks so much for watching. <3333
13th-Aug-2011 02:34 am (UTC)
aww love it! I like all the little touches too, like the fire around Sam at one point and the dreamy blurry edges... :)
13th-Aug-2011 01:17 pm (UTC)
yay! Thanks sweetie. Thanks so much for watching. :D I'm a little addicted to my dreamy blurry edges. Once I discovered (well purchased actually) that effect I get drawn to it for dreams and memory type sequences.


13th-Aug-2011 12:49 pm (UTC)

So, finally, I'm here, been watching this on and off since you posted, trying to think of intelligent and thoughtful things to say.

AGGGH! I haven't come up with anything except to flail all over the awesome that this vid is and how it's changed and matured into something wonderful.

Love the echo of the beginning and end scene of the Impala - home. This version really tells the story and it compacts everything about season 6. A brave season, a hard one to watch, but an excellent season to look back on. Dean with Lisa is where it started and you capture his still broken soul beautifully - he was coping but he wasn't right without Sam, knowing what had happened, you still break my heart with that "make the world brand new" line and then Sam's back and Dean broke my heart right there by choosing to stay behind and I love how you tell that in just a few clips, that comes across so strongly, that it's Dean's choice but not a happy one, offering the keys, covering up the car as everything around him moves on and he's just standing still - gorgeous.

Then I love the little changes you've make over the next part, Sam on the phone, Dean leaves but Sam isn't Sam he's still trapped in the cage, love Cas looking for his soul in there, that part really works perfectly now and Dean remembers the vamp and wakes up in another new life, one where neither his brother or Lisa want him - I love how you show those little scenes together, show how hard that is for him, how alone he is and why he sets out getting Sam's soul back.

You've done the great set up then for Death and Sam's soul returning and I still love those little touches you add at the end showing them better off together and home.

Have I mentioned how much I love this vid? Stunning, it's just stunning, a whole season of Dean and his search for Sam in what? Under 3 minutes! *sigh* - and it's looks bloody beautiful too!
13th-Aug-2011 01:15 pm (UTC)
Oh wow! What an amazing comment. You'd know, as a fellow vidder, what lovely long comments like this means. Thank you so much. <3

It took a while to take shape and to be honest when I was stuck I really couldn't see a way forward. It was your ideas that spurred me on - I was able to start looking at in some new ways. So, thank you so much.

Both you and Steph mentioned needing to actually see Death so I had hoped that that inclusion helped that scene forward. I ended up being much happier with that section after those tweaks. :)

Steph mentioned a couple of things that resulted in a few additions and tweaks (and colour changes) - she never let me off easily that gal! (which of course I love)

Thanks again honey. (for the help and the feedback!) I will treasure this comment. I've already read it a couple of times over. *hearts* <33

17th-Aug-2011 11:37 am (UTC)
This is such a great video... I really like that you post the notes with every new video you publish, I love reading them.

I think you made the right choice focusing on S6!Dean and his relationship with Sam since it's a great chunk of what S6 was about, especially in the first part. But you're right, there's much more going on for Dean, namely his rapport with Cas... are you planning to vid that aspect too? I'd really love to see your take on it :)
19th-Aug-2011 02:13 pm (UTC)

Thank you so much. tehe... re the notes. I almost posted an full deconstruction of the vid but I deleted it feeling it was too self indulgent. :)

The story for this vid snuck up on me and when I realised it was actually a S6 Dean vid I realised there was more to his story. I worried about the lack of Cas but just couldn't fit it into this song.

Unless something really jumps out to me, song wise, for the Dean and Cas story it's unlikely I will vid that. But..you never know. ;D

Thanks so much for watching and for your comment. :D

(I have to ask...where is that icon from? As in where and when? A con maybe?)
25th-Aug-2011 03:47 pm (UTC)
EEEH, I just saw this linked somewhere, and how did I miss it before?! So beautifully done, calm and sad, and yeah, hopeful in the end. Great job, hon! ♥
26th-Aug-2011 11:58 pm (UTC)
Hey! Thank bb. Oooh it was linked somewhere? Cool. :D

As yes. I had to leave Dean with some hope. I really felt a change in him when he got Sam back. He suffers such a lot, poor boy, but he knows how to do the right thing. <33
19th-Feb-2012 06:27 am (UTC)
Huh I kind of completely missed this one? Oo I saw this vid took best POV over DPTM (CONGRATS! :DD) and the title was really familiar. A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon this song, and the funny things is - when I heart it I immediately start to think abut J2, like, an AU-fic J2 and I was even planning to use this song in a trailer or something, so I was really curious abut how you played with it showing Dean's character.

I think the lyrics really fit and I love the way you portrayed Dean's "normal" life, flashbacks - his memories of Sam. Everything is very easy to follow and understand. Sometimes even better than in the show itself lol

Oh and hey - I'd love to take a peek at that "songs that I must vid one day" folder :DDDDD
19th-Feb-2012 10:55 am (UTC)
The song is so lovely and I could totally see it being to a J2 vid. :)

Hehe... my "must vid one day folder" has songs that I tuck away in the hope that I would get to it. One that I desperately want to do (and is actually on a timeline and started) is a vid to this music AND video. I want to edit these guys (who look remarkably similar to S&D) with shots of the boys fighting. But it's stalled atm.

And hey YOU! Congrats on all your shiny awards!! And rightly so!! :DD
15th-Mar-2012 04:14 am (UTC) - oh god i broke comment limit
I've been trying for a while to express all my feelings about this video without getting maudlin, but I can't seem to avoid that as far as these boys are concerned.

I like your video style, generally, because of its simplicity. Not that I don't think it takes a lot of work to get it the way it is, but I've always thought that it's a testament to how well-crafted something is when you can't see the seams where it's been put together! It's easy to get carried away with the variety of effects you can apply with different programs, but what really carries a video -- what makes it seem effortlessly executed and flowing perfectly -- is when its narrative is well-constructed and the little details are paid attention to. This video is a good example of that!

The song choice helps, since it's one of my favorites and because it's one of those songs that lends itself very well to narrating a story. I've always had a hard time getting into videos where it's a struggle to actually make out the lyrics, since it detracts from paying attention to visuals. More than that, though, it's a song whose lyrics are so dead-on for Dean that I'm flabbergasted I never realized it until I saw this video, and now I know I'll never be able to listen to it without thinking of Dean again.

Moving on to the editing and the clip choice, guh. I could rant on forever about what I felt were some of the most brilliant moments in this clip, but I'll try to keep to a bullet point list:

- How you handled the intro. If you didn't know better, the clips that play before the lyrics start would lull you into a false sense of security about what the vid was going to be about.
- The lines "woke up and wish that I was dead." With the clips from the cemetery and having Dean jolt out of a nightmare, then having him wake up when the last thing he saw was Robo!Sam smiling and (eventually) realizing it wasn't just a nightmare, but something that actually happened. The repetition of the song works so well with the contrast of these two sequences, because even if it's the same verse, it tells a different story.
- The sequence of Dean's life with Ben and Lisa. Essentially the show already does a montage of that, but you've cut the clips so that the action matches the strumming rhythm of the song, and so the overall impression is completely different. The montage in the show focuses on the parallels between life with Sam and Dean as a 'civvie' pretty heavy-handedly (emphasizing just how much Sam is on his mind) but the way you've cut it is almost more effective. You'd only know what was missing if you knew Dean and Sam, and it really fits the "whole world is moving and I'm standing still" concept. It's a little thing, but it made a big impression on me the first time I watched this.
- On the subject of repeated lyrics, you do something quietly brilliant every time "the world spins madly on" comes up, and exhaustively going through them would take a while, but
- "always say goodbye," when Sam leaves again-- not gonna lie, I teared up a little at that, because it's very much true. How many times has Sam left Dean behind (or vice versa) by now?
- "and then he's here" with Cas digging into Robo!Sam-- followed up by "where you've gone" with the shot of Sam in the Cage-- two moments where I felt that the lyrics and the visuals combined to really punch me in the gut.

And the end of the video feels mostly like an affirmation-- whatever else happens, they're still brothers, and they're together, and that's what matters the most.

To conclude, this video is beautiful and gorgeous and I cannot stop watching it again and again to try and catch whatever I missed the first time around.

Two quick links/recs, if you haven't seen them:
a neat animated video set to this same song, which was actually where I first heard it. it's what I used to think of when I heard it, but now it's been thoroughly usurped by this one.
in the dark, a fan-made Supernatural-inspired song from Dean's POV. If I was a vidder, I would want to vid this song. *G* This vid reminded me of it only for having a similar narrative premise (ie. Dean at the beginning of S6).

Edited at 2012-03-15 10:30 am (UTC)
15th-Mar-2012 02:36 pm (UTC) - Re: oh god i broke comment limit
Wow. I am blown away by the length (and depth) of your comment. There is nothing more rewarding than receiving this type of feedback. Thank you so very much.

I'll start at the end of your comment and say it was that very vid (the animated one) that inspired this vid. I loved it when I first saw it and knew that I wanted to vid the song some day. I kept listening to the lyrics and it spoke "Dean" to me.

Thank you so much for mentioning all those moments from the vid. I always hope my intentions translate so it's great to hear when they actually...do.

Your comment has really made my day. Thank you so much for taking to time to leave such a detailed response to my vid.

(and I will take a look at the other vid you linked...thank you..)

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