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Instra vid rec!

RUN... don't walk!!

Honestly. This will put the BIGGEST smile on your face. The lovely el1ie has put together a hilarious vid that captures the brothers' relationship in the best possible way. Take a break from the angst and go and have a laugh. :D

"My Brother" an essay by Sammy Sam Winchester, aged 7 27 and three quarters"


Also. A pre- rec. Hmmm.. not sure if that's such a thing, but I'm getting ahead of myself with this rec. I haven't read it yet but I know I will love it because I have loved every other instalment. And I'm bouncing around seeing this posted this morning.

debbiel66 has added another chapter to her resurrected!John 'verse. Onstermay. If you haven't read the other stories I recommend reading those first. They are all wonderful.

Ok. I feel better this morning seeing some fun things posted. I'm feeling like I can't vid for crap at the moment and damn that's depressing because it's meant to be a feel good experience.

That said. If any poor sucker kind soul feels like enduring the dog's breakfast that is my attempt at making a J2 (well, J1 actually) convention vid please let me know. It'll be pretty embarrassing having to show this but I need someone to just give me some honesty. Or maybe some ideas on how the hell to make this stupid thing work../o\
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