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curled around these images
just enough to make us dangerous
A question... 
12th-Aug-2011 08:42 pm
Thinky thougts
for my thinky flisters.

A while ago bythedamned and I posted figures and meta on deaths of males and females on Supernatural. It generated some healthy discussion and some interesting questions.

One thing that came up a few times, was that how many men or women died isn't as important as HOW they died.

The question is: What is critical or important about the way the characters die? My assumption is that male characters die differently to female characters and therefore there's an imbalance, or maybe there's bias toward one sex over the other (?). My further assumption is that women's deaths are more sexualised then men (deduced by the various comments made). IF this is true what is considered a "sexualised" death? What they are wearing when they die? Their position when they die? Who kills them? Does penetration with a knife symbolise sexual penetration? etc.

Deep I know (and damned heavy! sorry about that..), but I am genuinely curious. Maybe there's meta out there already on this? If not.... ;)

(if anyone looked at the past dozen posts of mine they'd swear I was ADD or something.../o\)
15th-Aug-2011 06:36 pm (UTC) - part 2
Shadow: Meredith fully clothed. Meg falls from window after some very sexually charged contact with a bound Sam in which she straddles him crawls up his body and makes lewd comments and offers of sexual favors, nibbling ear and kissing neck. Fully clothed. Shown not to be dead. Sam, Dean and John all attacked and injured by Daeva’s. Sam thrown to ground on stomach. John thrown and pinned against the wall with his back on the ground, shoulders against wall and hands pinned above him.
Hell House: Hanged girl. Fully clothed
Something Wicked: no deaths shown Sam thrown to ground with Shtriga leaning over him in a near kiss as it sucks his life force.
Provenance: Husband and wife both killed. Wife shown dead. Difficult to see clothing as there is a lot of blood but she is presumably in a night gown. Husband shown in very vulnerable position on ground in nothing but boxers backing against bed trying to get away from attacker death clear but not shown. Sarah’s friend killed in her house fully clothed sitting in chair drinking tea.
Bloodlust: Female Vamp shot with arrow but no actual female deaths shown. Dean forcibly kissed by female vamp. Sam strangled by vamp. Female prisoner turned in very sexual manner including F/F kiss.
Salvation: No actual female deaths. Pastor Jim and Caleb murdered by Meg. Monica shown in nightgown in a vision and later being attacked by demon. Rescued by boys. John shown pinned spread-eagled to the wall
Devil’s Trap: Meg dies after being exorcised. Fully clothed. Demon! John gets entirely too far into Dean’s personal space in a disturbingly sexually charged confrontation. Dean tortured by Demon! John while pinned to wall. Lots of screaming, gasping, panting, and begging.
In My Time Of Dying: Nurse fully clothed. Dean shown with naked torso as he is being coded. John also shown with naked torso as attempts to bring him back fail.
Everybody Loves a Clown: Husband and wife in bed. Wife never clearly seen. Husband shown to be the one vulnerable and in peril. Later possible victims rescued by Winchesters, husband in wifebeater, wife in very modest cotton gown.
Bloodlust: Female vamp killed in teaser by beheading. Fully clothed. Male Vamp impaled and decapitated. Lenore tortured by Gordon. Rescued by Sam and Dean.
Children Shouldn’t Play With Dean Things: Angela killed in wreck. Angela kills Boyfriend, Friend and attempts to kill roommate who is fully clothed in jeans and shirt. Angela killed again impaled in casket. Wearing white dress.
Simon Said: Man shot. Another man hit by bus. Fully clothed woman douses herself with gasoline and sets fire to self. Tracy seen in slip jumping from bridge in vision. Tracy in car with Anson beginning to unbutton dress. Intended sexual assault heavily implied. Tracy on bridge but still dressed in real time.
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