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curled around these images
just enough to make us dangerous
A question... 
12th-Aug-2011 08:42 pm
Thinky thougts
for my thinky flisters.

A while ago bythedamned and I posted figures and meta on deaths of males and females on Supernatural. It generated some healthy discussion and some interesting questions.

One thing that came up a few times, was that how many men or women died isn't as important as HOW they died.

The question is: What is critical or important about the way the characters die? My assumption is that male characters die differently to female characters and therefore there's an imbalance, or maybe there's bias toward one sex over the other (?). My further assumption is that women's deaths are more sexualised then men (deduced by the various comments made). IF this is true what is considered a "sexualised" death? What they are wearing when they die? Their position when they die? Who kills them? Does penetration with a knife symbolise sexual penetration? etc.

Deep I know (and damned heavy! sorry about that..), but I am genuinely curious. Maybe there's meta out there already on this? If not.... ;)

(if anyone looked at the past dozen posts of mine they'd swear I was ADD or something.../o\)
15th-Aug-2011 06:37 pm (UTC) - part 3
No Exit: Two Female victims. Attacked when fully clothed. Involved in mundane daily activities. Jo menaced by serial killer ghost in tight enclosed space. Face caressed etc. Fully clothed.
Usual suspects: Karen in full PJ’s and long heavy sweater
Crossroad Blues: Robert Johnson dies in teaser. Dr. later dragged off by Hellhounds. Fully clothed.
Croatoan: Mr. Tanner shot. Mrs. Tanner shot while presenting no immediate threat. Nurse shot while attacking Sam. Sarge killed by demon.
Hunted: Scott stabbed I teaser. Lingering, drawn out shot. Ava’s finacee murdered in his bed. Shown in basically same position as Taylor from season one but covers rucked up higher so actually more bare skin shown. Also slow pan up bare leg.
Playthings: No female deaths
Nightshifter: Shifter killed in female form wearing slip after vicious fight with Dean. Male victim shown bound and in boxers. Ron shot, two SWAT officers shown knocked out in boxers with hands bound behind backs
Houses of The Holy: No female deaths. Stabbing death of at least one man. Impalement death of man who had attempted assault his date. All deaths of men who had in some way assaulted or was likely to assault or in some way harm a female.
Born Under a Bad Sign: No female deaths. Jo menaced by Meg!Sam. Attempted sexual assault heavily implied. Remained fully clothed.
Tall Tales: No female deaths although two scantily clad girls beat the crap out of Dean and Sam.
Roadkill: No female deaths. Molly is already dead at the time of the episode. She was bound and tortured by the male ghost.
Heart: Madison’s boss shown spread eagled on desk. Male police officer killed, Male werewolf shot by Dean while attacking a hooker. Madison shot by Sam off screen. Wearing Sam’s shirt.
Hollywood Babylon: No female deaths
Fulsom Prison Blues: No female Deaths. Ghost is female.
What is and What Should Never Be: No female deaths. Girl in warehouse strung up and caressed by djinn. Dean also strung up in warehouse. Much focus on bound wrists.
All Hell I Ava’s dead fiance shown in teaser, Lily hung, Andy eviscerated by Ava, Ava’s neck broken by Jake as she attempts to kill Sam, Sam stabbed in back by Jake. Sam collapses forward and is held in Dean’s arms as he dies.
All Hell II: Jake shot by Sam No female deaths. Sam pinned to tree.
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