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Mixed bag of stuff...

I did my first ever friending meme thingy recently. I was curious about how these things work so I thought I'd throw myself in there. (I also just fancied answering the questions..*g*).

So. Welcome new friends! *hugs* (though you might want to run a mile once you see the blah blah I'm capable of! *g*)

geckoholic and I are teaming up to claim a film for spn_cinema \o/ NO idea how it's going to pan out yet. But if we get the claim we want then there should be a fic and a vid in the making. :) ( what's in the box?!)

Heffa huggles (and totes gratitude) to deirdre_c and amnisias for allowing my inner teenager / fangirl to um.......well, let's just say frivolous vid is on the way. :D

Speaking of vids, receiving positive feedback can't be underestimated can it? Especially when they come out of the blue or a few weeks later. I probably wear my heart on my sleeve in that respect but *shrugs* I'm not ashamed to say they make me feel good.

Cat: You know the one with the broken pelvis. I gotta say, animals are curious and amazing. After returning home he laid low (under a desk) for about a week and then started to move around a bit. We let him out and he's started to seem somewhat normal again. Though he has absolutely no muscle tone in his back legs and hobbles about. But he seems to be on the mend, getting stronger and less skittish each day. Talk about 9 lives!

When fandom meets RL. I would never have thought the editing I do for fandom fun would become something I'd do in RL. The film I am making at school is now in it's editing phase and I feel somewhat of a "film maker". \o/ The children have done a rough edit but I really need to tweak it. But the thing that I am finding the MOST challenging (and fun) is creating a musical score for it. Films need music I reckon so yay for Garage Band. That program is AMAZING!

I've also learned how to make video footage look more "film like" in FCE. (only after working with the program for 3 years /o\) And editing original footage is SO different to working with professional footage. But I love it still. (I actually thought I wouldn't)

It's all SO much fun. I only have a week to have it all finished though. Ack. Lot's of work ahead.

Hope you all are well and happy.
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