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Post of random (omg I'm so excited) stuff...

'cause I'm home alone and somewhat bouncy.

I'm EXCITED like you wouldn't believe because ONE MORE SLEEP PEOPLES!!!! (some of you will be just waking up with means.... TODAY!)

Warning: This is my brain firing all over the damn place.

I just finished re-watching 6.22 in preparation. \o/ (why didn't I pick up Balthazar's "How’s Sleeping Beauty? You didn’t steal any kisses I trust?" before?!) Oh Show... you do tease. <33

So. First a question. Why are Big Bangs called Big Bangs? Just curious.

Second: Look what I bought today! (I'm such a dag). I didn't get my act together to send one to the set so I bought myself one (so I could smile fondly and think about my show when I look at it) because...

A fangirl must have.

Third: Did you see this :koff: is that a gun in my pocket picture of Jared?! Holy that for real or do I have an over active imagination? *blush*

*SWOON* (what the hell does he have in his pocket?!)

original source

And finally.

As I am home alone I have an old episode of The Hardy Boys playing. My first ever boy crush was on Shaun Cassidy (I can hear you mocking me! Be quiet. He had nice hair.). But here's the thing. He's Katie Cassidy's uncle. He's related to first Ruby! So cool... (or lame, depending on how you look at it /o\).

Right. I better shut up. Too much random for one night.

To think. This time tomorrow we shall have had SHOOOOW!
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