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curled around these images
just enough to make us dangerous
29th-Oct-2011 08:07 am
Becc_j Art
\o/ My journal is crawling with spiders. THANK YOU!! What a lovely lovely thing to wake up to. *HUGS*

It's also nice to wake up knowing there is a NEW EP TODAY! ALL I know is the title and I can't WAIT to see what THAT'S ALL ABOUT! I should probably stay off LJ until after I watch the ep.

*nods* Will I? Hmmm... probably not. But I should..
29th-Oct-2011 05:05 am (UTC)
Hope you stayed off LJ till you got a chance to watch the ep!

... And thanks for the creepy spider! \0/
29th-Oct-2011 08:46 am (UTC)
I did. Well... mostly../o\

And.. you're welcome! :D
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