January 28th, 2009

Becc_j Art

help ...

I'm preparing to post my new vid and was just wondering...

Anyone found a good streaming site other than YT and iMeem?? I thought File Front did but sometimes it gives me a streaming option and other times not (?).

And damn it if YT hasn't taken down 500 Miles and now taken the sound out of Channel Hopping. :(

Time to investigate a website. (though I wonder what the copyright issues are on that!)

Thanks if any of you have some suggestions.
Dean & vid camera

New Vid: Where Do We Draw the Line

Title: Where Do We Draw the Line
Vidder: Ash
Song by: Poets of the Fall
Category: Angst and more angst.
Length: 4.45m
Size 43mb
Summary: The lines the Winchesters are prepared to cross in the name of family.
watch: Youtube High Quality is worth the slight wait for it to stream.
Download: sendspace
Download/stream:: 4Shared

Thanks: Mega thanks, as usual, to my amazing beta _sharvie_ She made me work at this - as she usually does - and I love her for it. *smishes*

Special thanks also to machain808 for her valuable initial feedback and for being a font guru. *hugs* . And to Toni for her squeeful initial response and for pointing out a couple of important things. I’m extremely lucky to have such wonderful people to call on.

It’s long I know – way past my personal 3 min max for a vid, but I needed it all to tell this somewhat epic tale.

No money made, but comments are gratefully accepted. :D
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