February 18th, 2009

Becc_j Art

New Vid! Who Are You?

Dedicated to Kayla, aka dazzlebug for her up coming birthday! Hope you have a good one hun! (*meep* I know it's early!)

Title: Who Are You?
Vidder: Ash
Titles: Sharvie
Song: Who Are You by The Who
Category: Hmmm ... themed montage I'd say.
Length: 4.30.m
Size 37.5mb
Summary: A catalogue of aliases, pseudonyms, costumes etc.
watch: Youtube
Download: mediafire
Download 4shared

Huge thanks to my wonderful beta _sharvie_ not only for the beta but for making the cool title cards. I knew what I wanted and somehow she read my mind. Thanks for all your hard work darlin'.

Thanks to yourlibrarian for the idea/suggestion. She mentioned in a meta that "someone should vid all the boys' aliases to the song "Who Are You". Well, as I like to put things into neat little boxes (call it anal if you will!) I decided to give this a go.

Thanks also to the members at spn_sceneit for their help. Especially for linking me to the sites Super-wiki and Winchester Journals This cut down hours of research time. Clipping took long enough, but at least I didn't have to go by memory only.

Vid Notes:

Not much here really. I tried to get them all - though I know there are a couple I missed, purely because they were so difficult to fit in to the themes I was working with. Oh and sound editing is not one of my favourite things to do. Especially when the original sound levels vary so wildly. But I did my best. :)

No money made but comments are always gratefully accepted (and appreciated). :D

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