April 17th, 2009

Becc_j Art

Post 99

I've decide to post something so that my 100th post will be my next vid - I know, call me anal - I do like things in boxes, preferably colour coordinated ones. :D

Firstly - welcome to new friends. *hugs* Thanks for coming on board. I don't blog like this often, mostly just vid posts and vid recs (of which I am terribly behind - I hope to remedy that soon) but this is a special 99th post post. Not many really, but when I made my first post in April 2007, I had no idea I would still be here.

I've hand-balled my next vid to my beta so hopefully I'll be posting that soon (I'm back in my comfort zone with this one I have to say - I just needed something to make me smile).

Can anyone tell me if a vid has been made recently (as in S4) to Johnny Cash's "Hurt"? It's screaming Dean at me and I'd love to have a go at it, but not if it's been done recently....

Our boys will be in my country soon (if not already) and it breaks my heart a wee bit that I will not be there for the occasion. But, to all those who will be there have a GREAT TIME (I wish I could share a drink with you all!) and I can't wait to read all about it.

*huggles* you all and I hope you have a great weekend.
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