April 21st, 2009

Dean & vid camera

New Vid - The Look of Love

This is for the lovely deirdre_c. Just my way of saying thanks hun.

Title:: The Look of Love
Vidder: Ash
Song: The Look of Love by ABC
Warnings: Literal lyric interpretation and Sam/Dean - you know, if you choose to look at like that. ;)
Category: Feel good, somewhat crackish
Length: 2.24m
Size 19.7 mb
Summary: It's all in the way they look at each other.
Links: Watch/download: 4shared
Download: sendspace

Thanks as usual to my super beta _sharvie_. Man, the things she picks up blows me away. This is a much tighter vid because of her. Thanks hun.

banner by _sharvie_

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No money made, but comments work the same way. :D
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