April 22nd, 2009

I'd rather be vidding

What are the chances.....?

I'm trying to "reclaim" some of my earlier vids. I've been able to download some of them off of YT but the ones that have been disabled (which, sadly, is quite a few now) I have not been able to get.

There's one I'm hoping to get hold of and wondered is any of you, but any slim, slim, chance downloaded it and may still have it?? It's "Don't Worry, Be Happy". I know it's highly unlikely, but I had to check.

I've managed to salvage most of the others and even though they are not particularly good it would be nice to have them. (The back ups of my early vids were lost when we changed our back-up drive).

Not being able to post on You Tube is kinda sad. I know it has its faults but there is a lovely community of vid watchers there and it saddens me when I can't share vids with them. And yes, I'm being selfish too because I do love the comments I get from the viewers. Also YT works differently from LJ in that vids can be found months after you've posted them. It's so nice to get a comment on some older vids. With LJ it's pretty much lost after the day it's been posted unless it's rec'd at some point in the future. Though I have had peps check out some early vids after watching some later ones so maybe it's not entirely different.

I really wanted the vid I posted yesterday to take but alas neither YT or iMeem accepted it.

I get it you know. Artists should be paid for the work they do. I noticed that on one of my vids, Jailbreak, an ad popped up with a link to iTunes asking if the viewer wanted to download the song. That was pretty cool I thought. I have no problem with the idea of using a vid to promote a song, (no idea how they manage to do that mind you) and if it means I get to keep the vid up even better. I wonder if they would consider doing that for all song vids?!

I can't believe I even considered checking out the audio swap songs and pick one of those to vid to just to say Up Yours You Tube! But that's ridiculous. I suppose there is something in choosing a copyright free song though. I'm sure elevator music would make an awesome vid!

*sigh* New episode this week and I am chomping at the bit for it. That's sure to lift my spirits a bit. :)