May 3rd, 2009

Becc_j Art

Vid recs...

I've been so slack at recc'ing lately. But here .... have some beauties!

Vidder: Loki secretlytodream
Title: Acid (My Love Will Fade With The Sun)

Loki's skill as a vidder is just stunning. This vid is a wonderful example of that. It's AU. It's fast paced, it's dark, it's sad.... it's amazing.

and just in case you haven't already seen this ......

Vidder: Kitty winterevanesce
Title: Like a Boss

Crackity crack at its best. OMG!

Umm ... also, while I'm here.... if someone had a couple of minutes to explain to me what the deal is with Dreamwidth? I get that it's a journal etc. but why is almost everyone on my flist going there? Is LJ about to close down forever or something? Is it so much better than LJ?? Is it the hot new thing? I get the sense that it's a "back up" or something *sigh* I'm out of my depth......