May 13th, 2009

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Stuff.... just cos

First off.... absolutely fabulous episodic vid from the lovely deirdre_c. I'm sure you'all don't want your hearts broken again but this is just the perfect song for this episode and it's so beautifully constructed. Go check out Hey You. *sniff*

The Numb3rs promo tonight is driving me nuts. Channel 10 promos these days has these incredibly deep male and female voices that are just begging to be made fun of. But when I hear "Will this case pit brother against brother?" (or something like that), I keep thinking "Nah. Have you seen the Winchester Brothers? Don and Charlie angst just doesn't compete!" Though I do like Numbers. And I'd love to see "Brother against Brother" - Eppes style.. :)

Merlin has hit our screens. I've seen the first 2 episodes and I kinda like it - but how does it pan out? Is it worth my continued attention? I know that's subjective but you know how series sometimes peter out ....

I love my puppy. I do. But if he pees on the sofa one more time ...... *sigh* I know. Patience. And I do adore him. They do gain bladder control at some stage I believe.

Vidding stuff: A friggin' heap of ideas but time seems even more scare than usual. I have a Sam vid, a Dean vid even an Impala vid I want to try. Let alone a tribute to S4 characters who have died, and about 3 others ideas that haven't left me alone yet. Oh well. I have the long, long hiatus to do it in.

Can't wait for episode this Friday night. I've turned down 2 invitations just so I can watch it. One included watching the new Star Trek movie which everyone is raving about. Star Trek can wait. Supernatural can't.

Hope you all are well and happy. :D
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