June 25th, 2009

Becc_j Art

'cause I'm in that kind of mood...

*meep* I'm 45 today and that kinda freaks me out just slightly. At the same time makes me feel proud that I've made it this far... At 20, 45 was like OLD.... now I'm a 45 year old with the mind of a, well, let's say 30 year old going on 16.

In celebration I'm throwing caution to the wind and pinching this from girlmostlikely

Things I love: (in no particular order):

Our log fire, my new ugg boots, my husband and daughter, going out to dinner and talking about stuff, the children I teach, my family, clean sheets, having all the housework done, Supernatural, listening to up beat music on my way to work, my video editing program, movies, coming home to potato and leek soup, my puppy, curling up with my laptop on a Sunday morning and reading fanfiction, Sam and Dean Winchester, J2, watching my daughter doing sport, my flist, take away food and curling up on the sofa to watch a movie, dark chocolate, the internet, champagne, working, wearing the scarves my mum knits for me, dancing in the living room, photo albums, reading comments, engaging in conversations about my favourite show, acting, my beta, friends, enjoying a coffee in a cafe by myself..

Damn. I could keep going.... I love more things in my life than not and I am incredibly grateful.