July 25th, 2009

Becc_j Art

Vidlet: "Bobby, You're Awesome"

HAPPY BIRTHDAY deirdre_c!! Just a little something (and yep! it's a wee bit of silly fluff!) for your birthday. Many happy returns darlin'. Hope it's a good one. You deserve it.

Title:: Bobby, You're Awesome
Vid by: ash48
Music: It's a sekrit
Category: Crackish fluff.
Length: 1.02m
Size 8 mb
Summary: Bobby is awesome.
Streaming: You Tube
Download: 4shared (.avi)

I was going to embed this but it looked yuk (not sure why it shrinks the image?). So you'll have to do the YT clicky to watch. There isn't a lot to this vid, so the quality of image has to count for something. :)

Thanks as usual to my lovely beta _sharvie_. Yep. Even little vids like this I get her to check out. Thanks hun. I adore that you thought the simple, "non-flashiness" of this vid reflected Bobby's character. *nods enthusiastically* Totally deliberate on my part! :D

Thanks to maichan for assuring me that I haven't completely lost the plot .... though jury's still out on that.

Disclaimer: No money made but comments are gratefully and warmly accepted. :)
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