July 27th, 2009

That's Just not right

Crap! (and help...)

I've just discovered that File Front has deleted all my uploaded vids. :( I know that a while back they said they were shutting down but then all seemed fine and they weren't. *scratches head*

They used to send a message to say what was up for deletion and I had the option to save them. Luckily I have most of them saved and have put a lot on 4-Shared (for dl purposes only). File Front changed hands or something didn't they? Looks different also....... pain in the proverbial I have to say.

But. I seem to have completely lost "Stayin' Alive". (My first tribute to OC's who met their demise vid). YT have removed it completely (which I have just discovered) and I don't have my original copy (lost in the back up debacle ages ago).

So, and I know this is an extreme long shot, would any one have this one on their computer? By any slim chance?

I suppose it's just nice to have copies.

Cheers me dears.