August 1st, 2009

Becc_j Art

Let the research begin....

I had an overwhelming response to my recent request for links to male vidders. And I mean overwhelming in the sense that I've realised how many vids I'm going to watch. :) I am actually pretty excited by the prospect as I know it will open my (very blinked) eyes to other fandoms, vidders, movies, TV shows and gaming vids. *koff* - gaming vids! I had no idea. O_O

The reason for the request was pretty simple. I was asked whether men vid differently to women and if so how. And honestly, I had no idea (and at the moment, still don't). This piqued my curiosity so I decided I wanted to check this out for myself. And because I don't really know any males vidders I asked for some links.

So, no. There was no ulterior motive behind this request other than to fulfill my need to be able to answer this in some informed way.

I was also excited that the post generated some interesting discussion on vidding and why (perhaps) females represent 90% of the fan vidding community. Another aspect that I'm interested in finding out more on.

My initial response to that question is that I believe more women are actively involved in fandom then men..... (and yep... I have extremely limited knowledge on this!) but some other ideas were presented to me on this and it may be that there are a variety of reasons why this could be so.

Anyway .... check out the post if this interests you. I think my geekdom might be showing. *g* Also, I'm pretty sure this has been discussed in detail elsewhere... but I couldn't find it (and I did do some searching...).

I've watched about 15 vids so far tonight - so only about 60 or so to go....*meep* I'm catching a little bit of a "theme" but it's more about content rather than actual editing or style... and yeah, I know this is all extremely personal, as any sort of artistic viewing is, but still fun nonetheless! And wow! I've watched some awesome vids. \o/