August 7th, 2009

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New Vid: Time of Your Life

Title:: Time of Your Life
Vid by: ash48
Music: Good Riddance** by Green Day
Category: Ensemble / Themed Montage
Warnings: Spoilers for Season 4
Length: 2.34m
Size 20.7mb
Summary: Tribute to the recurring characters who met their demise in Season 4.
Streaming: You Tube
Download: Send Space (.divx)
Download: 4Shared (.avi)

Thanks as usual to my wonderful beta _sharvie_. Especially for her immense patience while I sent her umpteen copies of this and for some awesome suggestions. You know I love ya right?

Also thanks to maichan and SVS friend Toni for their valuable feedback. Thanks also to spn_sceneit's Inspiration Post and from_the_corner for the song suggestion.

Vid Stuff

The last couple of years I've made tribute vids to all those lovely characters Kripke and Co. kill off during the season. All the characters in this vid have been recurring characters, except one. I'm completely guilty of putting him in because a) he fit a lyric *hides* and b) I've grown a little attached to the idea of him and he felt like more that just a MOTW.

These aren't character studies as such as each one has such a short amount of time, but what I tried to do was catch a little bit of the essence of the character's life and then demise.

I wouldn't say I've angsted over this vid but boy did I play with it a lot. I was pretty set on the structure from the start but for some reason I just couldn't settle on the transitions. Cross dissolves? Straight cuts? Flashes? Blurs? How long should this cross dissolve go for? What's the best way to signal new sections? Ahhh! Just stop already! So I did. It will have to do.

I am nervous about this one. It's not what I call a "big idea" vid. It's more a vid I wanted to do for myself as a way of saying goodbye to some memorable characters in Season 4.

**not my sentiment at all. Luckily these words are not mentioned in the song. Also the irony of "It's something unpreditable.." isn't lost on me. Of course it's friggin' predictable. You're a SPN OC!! What do you expect!?

Disclaimer: No money made but comment are gratefully (and warmly) accepted. :)

oooh, new vid icon. My hubby is good to me. <3
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