August 8th, 2009

Becc_j Art

Some squee and some vid recs......

Firstly. SQUEEE! One of my YT subscribers sent Tracy Dinwiddle (who plays Pamela) a copy of the OC Tribute Vid I posted yesterday. She apparently watched it and she loved it. \o/ I assume it's legit. It's on her twitter (@GrooveGoddess) apparently. I can't figure twitter out so I have no way of confirming. But yay if it's true. Not really sure why that fills me with glee.... it just does!

Also. I've been watching quite a few vids recently by some guys that were rec'd to me. It's been wonderful to watch stuff outside my fandom. Here's a few that caught my eye so far: (I'm only about half way through my list):

Vidder:: aj2k
Vid: The Crow: Descent
Source: The Crow
Comment:Wow. The mix of graphic novel and live action is stunning. If fact all his vids are amazing.

Vidder:: balistik94
Vid: Anarchy
Source: The Crow, The Dark Knight, V for Vendetta
Comment: Awesome use of footage and music. A great look at the insanity of his chosen characters. Love it.

Vidder:: mranderson71
Vid: Let it Rock
Source: Iron Man
Comment: This blew me away. Terrific use of music and visuals. This song is perfect for Iron Man. Wonderfully entertaining.

Vidder:: threezerotwo
Vid: Follow me into the Darkness
Source: Battlestar Galactica
Comment: I'm not a BG fan - but I was so mesmerised by the editing and visuals in this. So powerful, it completely drew me in. The music is just wonderful.