August 25th, 2009


New Vid: Walking on Sunshine

For maichan because she makes me smile too.

Title:: Walking on Sunshine
Vid by: ash48
Song by Katrina and the Waves
Category: J2 (gag reels) feel good love
Warnings: Spoilers for S4 gag reel and some dubious lyric interpretations (as usual).
Length: 1.50m
Size 14.4mb
Summary: The reason the boys have so much fun on the set of Supernatural is because they love each other soooooo much. That's my theory anyway. :D

Streaming: You Tube BAM Download: Sendspace (.divx) 4Shared (.avi)

Thanks to the lovely _sharvie_ for giving this the once over for me. (You helped me find a few other little "moments"). *huggles*

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No money made, but comments are gratefully and warmly accepted. And if it makes you smile, even better! :D
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