September 6th, 2009

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In preparation, anticipation and sheer friggin' jubilation for the season opening THIS WEEK.... I bring you...

Title:: SPN S4 PDQ (Pretty Darn Quick)
Vid: ash48
Music: Sabre Dance by Khachaturian
Category: Recap
Length: 1.20m
Size 10.9mb
Summary: It's coming! \O/

Streaming: You Tube
Download: Sendspace (.divx) 4Shared (.avi)

Thanks to my wonderful beta _sharvie_, I would be lost without you darlin'!; to the gorgeousdeirdre_c for your support and encouragement to go ahead with this vid and to the fabmaichan for being there so I can ask random questions and for giving me precious feedback. *smishes you all*. You gals make vidding even more fun than it already is.

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