November 15th, 2009


Vid rec 'n stuff.

We are so spoiled in this fandom (though really I have no other fandoms to compare it too... are they all as lucky as we are?)

This animated Supernatural vid is absolutely wonderful. Not only is the animation awesome but it hits my Hurt!boys kink. :D

It's made by fraggledragon and her You Tube post is HERE if you want to leave her feedback. (embedded with permission)

And omg. I folded. I created a Twitter. I don't plan to tweet anything because honestly I have nothing to say, but I hope to follow some. Once I can figure out how to find my way around...

Also, special thanks to davincis_girl and geckoholic for allowing me to indulge in some vid chat today and to mouseme for allowing me talk about lyrical interpretations from my vid Hurt. Good day. :)

Can I be greedy while I'm here?... (I can but ask...) I have an idea for an icon, inspired in part by a pic posted by missyjack oops! It was stormcloude but I can't make the damn things.. anyone have time? I think I can get two screencaps I'm thinking about.... *bats eyes*