December 6th, 2009

One more clip

I must be mad..

Holy crap. I've just made 62 clips and it's taken me a solid 3 hours. Who does that with their Sundays??! My eyes are killing me.... but I had to take the opportunity while I could..... :) I don't normally vid like that, but I knew all the clips I needed, so just went for it....

Hmmm. My Jo and Ellen vid has stumbled. When you make a vid that you wouldn't want to watch yourself you know it must be dodgy... *sigh* I might see if I can salvage it at some stage.... :(

While I'm here, I want to send massive hugs to all those who gave me warm fuzzies on the vid love meme. I was truly touched. Thanks to sdwolfpup for hosting it. :D

Now for a break.... the sun is shining after all. :)

Becc_j Art

Insta vid recs...

I'm still grinning from the sheer joy of this vid. Not to mention the fab editing and colouring. And yes, it's meltingconfetti so that makes perfect sense. I do enjoy my boys in love vids... :)

Speaking of which, *wipes brow from the hot*, THIS wonderful Queer as Folk vid by dreamrequiem. GUH...It's so mesermising and hypnotic and I mentioned hot didn't I?. This vid could have gone on forever (and I rarely wish that of vids....) Check the warnings though!
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