December 15th, 2009

Becc_j Art

Quick question.....

I know this is a long shot..... but..... does anyone know if some wonderful fan has ever produced mock ups of The Supernatural Books - the books that appear in the show? I know we see some front covers in the episodes, but I'm curious (and it would save me a tremendous amount of potential work!) if someone had played around with this...

Otherwise... *meep* looks like I have some new skills to learn..... (if I go ahead with this crazy little vid idea..)

Also, I'm thinking of meta'ing (I know, someone stop me!) about Dean and eating - but I'm pretty sure this must have been talked about some where? If anyone has links to anything like that I would be curious.

I'm feeling very curious today it would seem...

Thanks and *hugs* to you all.

\o/ 4 days of school left before my wonderful and much needed 6 week break!