December 21st, 2009

I'd rather be vidding

Vidding Round-up 2009

Now it's my turn. It truly surprised me when I was compiling this that I had made so many this year. For some reason it didn't feel like it.

Where Do We Draw The Line

Who Are You?


The Look of Love
Violence & Sex


Supernatural: At the Movies

Bobby, You're Awesome

Walking on Sunshine
Time of Your Life

Promises Kept

9 to 5

Stupornatural Wayward Sons
This is the End

Eat it!

My favorite video this year (of my own): Probably Walking on Sunshine, only because it makes me so happy when I watch it. Not because it was any great shakes, but if I need a pick me up I may take a sneak peek at it. Though 9 to 5 is a pretty close second.

My least favourite video this year:
Hmmm... On the whole I'm pretty happy with what I've done this year but a vid that I don't really ever re-watch is Time of Your Life, so maybe that's my least favourite.

Most successful video
It terms of comments, DL's, feed back etc. it would be Supernatural: At the Movies. In terms of my own personal success it would be Hurt. I was thrilled with the reception it received, more so because it was angst and that's an area I feel I struggle the most in.

Video most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion:
Hee! I'd have to say Where Do We Draw the Line. This is a weird one because the feedback I did receive was heartfelt and wonderful, there just wasn't much so I figure it just didn't touch a nerve like I thought it might. Also, I know it was flawed, but I still have a major soft spot for it.

Most fun video:
Definitely Supernatural: At the Movies. Collaborating with maichan with the graphics was an absolute highlight for me this year. I remember squeeing every time I'd send her a section of the vid and she'd send me the poster for it. :)

Video with single sexiest moment:
Oh baby. Violence and Sex had some pretty sexy moments in it. If you consider boy/boy writhing together sexy that is. ;)

Biggest vid fail
Even though I am really happy with both of these vids I'd say Where Do We Draw the Line and Stupornatual Wayward Sons. The first one I've already talked about and the second one made me realise the power of the pretty. The J's are a huge drawcard and without them a vid doesn't quite get the same attention. Or maybe the vid just didn't hold together the best it could have done.

Hardest video to make:
By far Violence and Sex. I almost ditched that about 5 times during the course of making it. If it wasn't for my wonderful cheerleaders I would never have finished it. I'm thrilled I did, but it was hard, hard going.

The things I've learned this year:
I've learned a lot technically - getting more familiar with my editing program, learned more about what can be achieved with certain effects etc. But I suppose I've mostly learned that it's important to make vids that I actually want to watch myself and not what I think other people want to watch. I'm always very aware of my audience and recognise that it is important to make something as polished and the best it can be, but in terms of content I really need to be connected with it. It's the best way to stay true to myself and if a vid fails it wasn't because my heart wasn't in it.

I've also learned that I can't beta. I can give feedback and my opinion (and I love doing that!) but after working with some awesome beta's I know I just don't have the skills or the required patience to be a good one. And that's ok. It's given me an appreciation of what it takes to be a good one. It ain't easy. :)

and my own
A comment that blew me away
I have to add this in because I'm sure any vidder, writer, artist etc. will say that receiving comments and feedback is wonderful and self affirming but to get a comment as detailed as this (links to SVS vid post and comment by crystalsc - second one down) it kinda sticks in your mind for a long time.

For 2010:
>More vids... I hope.
>I would like to extend myself by experimenting and varying with my vidding style.
>Learn more about my vidding program... especially what some of those effects can achieve. (I have no desire to use effects for effects sake - but I want to give myself time to play with them at least).
>Learn how to use Photoshop!
>Make a vid outside SPN fandom. Maybe a movie vid. :)
>Watch more vids so I can continue to grow as a vidder.
>Stop being jealous of other vidders talents and instead be inspired (which I mostly am anyway!)
>Not be afraid to make vids that are just there for fun - not everything has to be monumental.

Oh there's more.... but I'm sure you're already yawning, especially if you made it down to this line. :)