December 23rd, 2009

Dean & vid camera

Vid blah... and grrrrrrr

First the grrrrr..... Hubby just upgraded the Mac to the new operating system and suddenly none of my clipping software works. MPEG streamclip won't run the mpg's (my clean copies), the .mov's play only sound in realplayer, I can't friggin' clip in the new Quicktime - sure, it looks very sexy and all and it has this way awesome trimming thing but there doesn't seem to be a way to export it to .dv so I can use it in FCE! In fact it doesn't have "export" as an option at all! What's the use of that!

Looks like we need MPEG-2 play back component for Streamclip which costs $20. Not that that's expensive, but why would an upgrade suddenly make files unreadable in Streamclip?! I know I just have to be patient and wait for my Mac genius hubby to work it all out. And he will (*meep* he better!) It's just I want to play NOW!!!


I was taking a vidding break anyway. *nods* I was. Really. Though I have just put "Battle for the Sun" on my timeline and I have a bit of a plan for this song.... but... hmmmm, we'll see, it ain't going to be easy me thinks...

Sorry to rant.... I feel a bit better now. Damn technology. I mean, I love it really, but.... *sigh* not when it gets complicated on me.