December 24th, 2009

Becc_j Art

Christmas cheer....

*phew* I'm back in (vidding) business. Seems like forking out $20 is the answer after all. Though still no idea why QT has a trim option but no way to export the file.....


It's Chrissy eve. All is prepared for a day of present opening, family merriment and food.

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The love part is spending time with family, sharing gifts that have been really thought about and relaxing because really there's nothing else to do. And I also get a lot of glee from watching my daughter open presents. That's always been pretty magical.

So. MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all. Or HAPPY HOLIDAYS if you don't celebrate it. Or LOVE AND SMISHES just 'cause. I really do hope you all have a wonderful time.

Check you on the flip side. <3 <3