January 5th, 2011

Becc_j Art


If you know me then you'll know I'm a bit of a Whumped!Sam fan. So I am a little bit gleeful to see that dragonfly_sg1 is having a Whumped!Sam Awesome!Big Brother Dean Appreciation month. \o/

There are a heap of fic recs (my 2 cents worth is in there *g*) and a vid rec. So if, like me, this is your thing pop over and leave some recs or find some reading that may satisfy your needs. *g*

Art rec:

Wet!boys (taking a shower together so Sam/Dean. PG13 I'd say.) It's by leyla_lovely. For me it's Sam's hair and his, um... arms. *guh* But Dean is damn pretty too!

Also... this is probably a bit weird but I want to go on a friending spree. I'm going to try and be not so shy in that area this year. Any recs? People you think I should say hello to? (or is that a weird question..? Ack! over three years on LJ and I still don't know the etiquette). There have been some peeps I've been stalking following so about time I friended anyway.. :D

*hugs* you all. Home tomorrow night.