January 14th, 2011

Love (hair)

Few things..

1. Help. Dean says something like "it will either end bloody or sad".. something like that. Can some kind soul tell me which ep that is from and if that the actual line? (thank you <3)

2. I just read this delightful story by ash_carpenter called Psychotically, Irrationally, Erotically Co-Dependent and 2 things struck me. 1) if you abbreviate that it spells PIE - so the boys are pie co-dependent, which makes perfect sense *g* (what..?! it's early in the morning.. and I can totally random and non-sensical if I choose to be) and 2) this is a perfect example of how close to "un-gen" our gen show is. I mean, no wonder it's so damn easy to slash these two. This fic is a perfect example of exactly how PIE c-d they are, in a completely non-wincest way. :D

3). I am in the process of tiding up my tags. And crap. What a big job. I kinda didn't realise how handy those thing were until I start searching for something I know I posted. Just watch that list shrink!! (I hope). *g*

Hope you all are having an awesome day.