January 28th, 2011

That's Just not right



What the fuck?!

How the hell can they reschedule Supernatural until NEXT WEEK!!!

Didn't they see my vid?! Don't they know how excited I am?!! (WE are!!!)

That SUCKS!! And it is NOT FAIR!! *stamps foot*

(Yes... I am totally 12 when it comes to this show. You've probably figured that out already).

*lays on the floor and kicks legs* and bawls...

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... :((((((((((((((((((

(tell me that's a typo someone. Nikita is listed 3 times in one week. Surely they would schedule a repeat instead of OUR SHOW!!)

ETA: Looks like their reasoning is to give Nikita (who will be competing against American Idol when it opens), a better chance in the ratings by repeating it on Friday. SUCKS!!! So getting SPN on the cover of TV weeks means nothing - obviously! (fan rants and info are CW lounge) *still mighty pissed*
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