February 26th, 2011

Sam & Dean

stuff while I wait...

Thankfully I'm not on Little Aths duty today. It's around 38 and humid and just plain YUK!

Instead...some blogging and vidding time whilst I wait for new ep.

The New York Times has published an article on Supernatural. It's kinda weird reading about the show from a perspective that isn't one of us. I suspect it's pretty impressive that the Show has made it into the spot light in this way though.

This opening line had me scratching my head...

If you are neither 15 years old nor the sort of person for whom the term fan fiction has an ounce of resonance, then chances are that ”Supernatural” is not in your DVR queue or even in your frame of reference.

Fifteen? I have sometimes mentioned that I feel that I am "too old to be a fangirl" (in fact that might even be on my antiquated profile)... but really? SPN fans are mostly around 15?? - that's ridiculous. Isn't it? Or maybe it's just that LJ attracts older people and therefore I'm not aware of how young most SPN fans are.

Since being on LJ and attending a convention I no longer feel "too old" to be a fangirl as I have discovered there are a lot of die hard fans around my age.

Also though, I generally don't see SPN appealing to that age group. Some sure... but to make the statement "To say that the series’s young fan base is active is grossly to understate the matter" is, idk.. condescending? To label the fan base as young fifteen year olds seems to somehow dismiss it. Idk. Maybe I'm being overly sensitive - and old../o\.

I know as a devoted fan I watch the show differently to the way passers by might. At work we were chatting about different TV shows and a colleague said "I can't watch Supernatural - sure, the guys are hot but I have no idea what's going on". It's weird hearing the show talked about like that. (I almost said...um..it's not actually a TV show. It's a religion..*g*). I did say I could fill her in on details if she wanted. :)

I also watch it differently to any other show. I love and enjoy many shows but I seem to go into a different head space when I watch SPN. Crazy really...

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