March 10th, 2011

Becc_j Art

An empty house and I'm lonely...

so..... have ta post something....

Random post is sooooo random.

This pic of the Js hugging (like for real.. not manipped or anything...) makes my heart SING... (linked back to missyjack's post 'cause is huge and gorgeous and where I first saw it...). I must seek out an icon because I think it'll be one of those pics that I will want to look at for a pick me up.

It's kind sad when you get defriended. Even when it's mutual because that person has moved on and the stuff you used to share you don't any more. But it's sad because it's like saying goodbye to a part of something you once enjoyed. Oh well. I figure that's what happens. It's a bit like when some people just disappear off LJ. That's a little freaky because you have to wonder what's happened to them. I think it's nice to say goodbye if you know you're going.

Well.. that was a bit mopey..

On a happier note. I could officially start drinking again 3 days ago and I didn't. I've decided to drink just on Friday and Saturday nights and special occasions. Which means TOMORROW NIGHT! \o/ AND I reached my 5kg goal four days ago. I'm so god damn proud of myself. Namely because I didn't really think I would do it. Woot!

Hubby is back in a couple of days. I really miss him. He's like my bestest friend in the whole wide world and I miss being able to be around him.

Damn... I better get off this thing. Feeling far too melancholic.

Shame there's no show tomorrow. With the boys where they are at the moment I want to see MORE!! I get warm fuzzies just thinking about them. <33

I'm going to watch the White Collar finale now. It's gotten a little bit under my skin that show. Hmmm... or maybe it's just the pretty....

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