March 15th, 2011

Becc_j Art

Random stuff...


The imagines from Japan continue to horrify and sadden me. It's been awesome to see so many of my flist offer themselves to raise funds. I can't offer myself this time as I worry I won't be able to fulfill my pledge but I do hope to buy one of you. :)

For others who wish to donate pop over to help_japan. There's a variety of threads for fic, art, vids, podfics etc. When fandom is like this it warms my heart. A great way to donate and receive something special in return.

The wonderful ancastar fulfilled my oh_sam prompt for their recent h/c comment fic meme. It's called Bearable. It's spot on (and delicious) hurt/comfort. And really makes you want to sigh "oh boys". I couldn't have asked for better.<33

I gotta say I was chuffed to receive 3 awards for No Bravery at DPTM. \o/

Some of the Paley footage has been delighting me. The wonderful Superwiki has a heap of links and info. Though spoilers in there so tread carefully. :)

Oh and completely random info. Two new teachers started at my school this year. One's called Dean and the other Sam. Can you believe it?! Also... Sam is about 6'4". Yep. True fax. He's a giant. (he's also a complete sweetie and has puppy eyes to boot!).

Hope you all are doing well.