March 19th, 2011

Becc_j Art

Woot! \o/

Just had to post... *bounces*

My daughter got a bronze medal today in Javelin. \o/ Remarkably (and honestly I have no idea where this came from..) she threw 3 metres past her best to snag 3rd place (she threw 29m). She also came 6th in triple jump, which is kinda great also because triple isn't really her event. So a good start to the meet. Shot and 100m tomorrow. The pressure is off now because she's made the State International Team by winning a medal today so she'll be going to KL in July. *phew* Still, I know she'll want to do well in those 2 events tomorrow.

And while I'm in a celebratory mood:

Driver Picks the Music Viewer's Choice Awards

I gotta say, the competition will be tough. There's some amazing vids and vidders over there so I figure I better do some pimping.. *iz shy*

My vids that are in the running:

Best Action: I Go To Work
Best Angst: No Bravery
Best Character: In Te Domine
Most Original: Channel Surfing
Best POV: Behind Blue Eyes
Wild Card: Wrong (thrilled to have snagged a wildcard for that vid *beams*)

But, as I said, there are some awesome vids over there so even if these didn't take your fancy pop over there and vote for the vids that did. There's a heap of other categories also. :D :D